Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Double Take

Nick and Mini-Nick

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Sunday, January 4, 2015

Fireplace Makeover

While the house renovations and updates have fallen off my radar in the past year, we did finally finish our fireplace last month.  It started with white paint last year and ended with new stonework to finish it off.

Ahhhhh...that's better.

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The Third Child


Otto has found a favorite spot in our living room, it's under the coffee table.  Here he is around 10 weeks old and the next picture is from just the other day, about a month later.  We give him a couple more weeks before there's no way he's fitting comfortably under here.

Our 2nd snow of the winter was last night, not more than a dusting, but enough to make this guy happy.

So far he's learning basic commands such as sit, stay, come, down and he's getting pretty good at them.  Lots and lots of practice still to come but it's going well.  His biggest issues are nipping at the kids while they're playing rough and jumping up on people he doesn't see often.  Other than that, he's a snuggle buddy and likes his time outside playing and going on walks.  We're very much looking forward to the warmer weather to take him hiking or to parks, so until then we might all be going a little bit crazy here in the house.

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Nick has a doppleganger:

It's not unusual for Alec to change his clothes several times a day, he'll rummage though his drawers and closets (yes, this drives me crazy) to find exactly what he's looking for.  Lately, he'll match what Nick has on and come downstairs acting completely natural.  It's very endearing, even makes it a little more bearable as I do the laundry, to see him look up to his dad and want to be just like him, outfit and all. 

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Christmas 2014

Another Christmas has passed and we've already started a new year, so I'd better get these pictures up before next Christmas!

Elfie made his yearly visit to our house, starting on Thanksgiving and leaving Christmas Eve.  The boys mostly liked waking up in the mornings to search for him.  He was a pretty good Elf this year and didn't make many messes, which I was thankful for.  His last night here he made an elf sized zip line from the kitchen light fixture all the way to the Christmas tree.  He even left a note telling the boys they were allowed to give him a push down the ride, they liked that quite a bit.

We left Santa donut holes with sprinkles and some milk, which he gobbled up.  The reindeer munched on some carrots and apples, we like to spoil the animals here you know.

We visited Santa at Bass Pro Shop (the real Santa, by the way), Alec told him he'd like 200 race cars and Ethan said he wanted Zoomin' Dino.  Santa didn't deliver either of those though, as they changed their minds 50 thousand times and everyone knows Santa doesn't have time for last minute changes.  Instead, they received Legos, Transformers, underwear, Monopoly Jr, a new sled with brakes and much more.  Nana, Grandma and Grandpa gave the boys legos, Big Hero 6 guy, a couple children bibles, air hockey, slime experiment kit, word speller and so much more!

Here are some pictures of our lovely day:

Christmas Eve Egg Nog from the classic moose mugs

Right before opening all their gifts.  Ethan is doing the fist pump because he's that excited!  They woke up around 6:40, scheming in Ethan's bedroom a plan.  Nick and I spied on them for a bit to see what kind of trouble they were thinking of.  

Opening gifts from Grandma and Grandpa

Air Hockey and a Slime Science Kit 

Making the slime

Grandpa and Grandpa picture time before they headed off

Nana joined us for a lovely Christmas dinner and by the end of the day, everyone had their fill of food and playing with each toy again and again.  

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Thursday, December 18, 2014


It's been 3 weeks since we picked up our new puppy Otto, and he has woven his little self right into our family so seamlessly that it almost feels like we've had him for years (ok, maybe not years...but definitely months).  I'm not exaggerating at all when I say he's the best dog ever.  I feel like we won the puppy lottery or something!

The boys adore him and Nick and I also soak in his cuteness, he's wiggled his way right into our hearts and has been a welcome addition.  I realize I'm saying all of this and we haven't even had him a month, maybe I'll be signing a different tune once he's grown or as he goes through his "teenage" months.  But for now, I'm quite happy with our little guy.

He sleeps quite a bit, much like a newborn does, but he sleeps though all the sounds and shrieks the kids make.  He's almost potty trained, we are getting there.  And he sleeps in his crate at nighttime and when we're away during the day.  However, he's a smart little furball...he managed to unzip the crate door and get out while we were gone yesterday.  I imagined the worst as I looked around the house for a pile of doo or a chewed up chair.  We looked and saw nothing out of the ordinary, so maybe he wasn't out long or maybe he just knew, I can't be sure.

The amount of growing he's done in just one month is quite astounding.  I think he was about 10lbs when we got him, and he's gaining daily.  You can see a difference in the pictures below

This morning was his first experience with snow, you'd have thought he was in heaven.  He LOVED it.  It was fun to watch him and the boys play in it, but cleaning him off afterwords is no fun but still worth it.

Here are LOTS of pictures for your viewing enjoyment!

Our very first meeting!

First car ride home, he's a little unsure and was shaking

 Quick pit stop

First Jeep ride

Look closely, all 3 of them are inside Otto's crate

First night home and he found a resting spot on Grandpa's foot

Ethan giving him kisses during his nap

Ethan taking him for a walk (he does this often)

In Alec's bed, Alec was very excited!

Helping with puzzles

Uh-oh, someone else loves Daddy Puppy too!

He won't be able to do this much longer!

Found a pillow and took a nap

Can you take in all that cuteness????

On a walk on the trails

These two cuddle a lot!'s all about the shoes.

This picture sums up how much he really loved the snow!

Having a new puppy is great, but having a goldendoodle is even better.  :)

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