Monday, February 15, 2016

I'm Baaaaack!

  Thank you mom and Beth for gently nudging me to get back on the saddle and update this blog!

Looks like 7 months have flown by since I last posted and while posting every event that's taken place since then would be a bore I'll condense it down the best I can. Here goes...

Alec gave soccer a try last summer, it was so hot out but he seemed to like it. 


Went to Grandma and Grandpa's 

Stopped off at the Winfield pool to cool down, both kiddos are swimming great.

Caught some big and little fish at Grandma's

We took Otto on a LOT of outings! Here we are at Lake Lenexa on a really hot day.

First day of FIRST GRADE! Ethan has Mrs. Braune and is doing great in school. He'll tell you his favorite subject is math and he's reading at a 2nd grade level. Couldn't be more proud!

Lots of puppy snuggles!

A day trip to Fort Scott 

Someone got a new (used) car.

Couldn't make it camping outside so we set up camp in the living room. The boys loved it.

Ethan won the GOLDEN PAW AWARD at school and earned a sucker the size of his head!

Otto celebrated his 1st birthday on Oct 2

Apple Pie Day in Ethan's class

A quick weekend trip to St. Louis took us to the City Museum 

Otto looking like an old lady with his latest haircut ?!!?

We had a lovely visit with Santa at the Bass Pro Shop

Werewolf and Wolverine were the choices this year, they both filled their bags but avoided any tummy aches. 

Starwars was the theme for Alec this year at Christmas, Ethan's favorite gift was a mini drone.

Otto played a game or two of army guys!

The one snow we got gave Ethan just enough to build 1/2 of an igloo.

Looks like they forgot leg day!

Ethan celebrating 100 days of school by getting to dress up as a 100 year old. Hope this video is viewable, it's quite comical. He plays a good old man.

Pretty proud of this boy, he's the first in 1st grade to receive TWO Conkin Kid of Character Awards in the same year.

Alec and I volunteered at Ethan's Valentine's Day party at school and during downtime the kids are allowed to pick up one (of nine!) iPads and practice math. Blows my mind how things have changed.

There we go, think I'm all caught up! Next post will probably include Ethan loosing his first TOP tooth, it's awfully wiggly! 

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Monday, July 27, 2015

First 2 Lost Teeth!

Ethan's bottom 2 teeth have been wiggly for a couple months and finally were ready to come out!  He's such a brave little soul and was up for the excitement of pulling them out creatively.  It was so fun!  I have to admit that I'm seriously so disappointed in myself for messing up BOTH videos...I had one job, and I didn't get the end of either video.  I can tell you that both pulls were successful so just pretend you saw the endings.  

Nick tied a string to the back of Ethan's remote control car and the other end to the wiggly tooth.  It took a few tries but finally came out!

This time around we went with a powerful little nerf dart gun.  He was pretty nervous but pulled through at the end of the countdown.  UGH, I'm so bummed I stopped the recording (why did I do that?!).  The tooth went flying and the dart hit the intended target, the window. 

See?  He looks like a legit 1st grader now!
Oh, and just so everyone knows...the tooth fairy leaves $1 for the first tooth, 50 cents for the 2nd tooth and 25 cents for each additional tooth.  I wikipedia-ed it. 

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Ethan's Birthday Party

Not only did Ethan get to celebrate his birthday in Colorado Springs, but he also had a pool party the following weekend with a handful of his friends.  He decided not to watch fireworks on the 4th, instead he and Alec spent the evening in the hotel pool.  Like every year, he received way too many gifts!  He asked for a bucket of green golf balls (which he did not get) for reasons I may never know.  Instead he received many legos, a bike squirt gun, pocket knife, books, and more!

Ethan jumping
Nick jumping
Alec plopping

Ethan is getting ready to begin 1st grade this fall and even lost his first 2 teeth in the past couple of days so he looks even more like a 1st grader!  I'm so excited to see how this next school year goes, I can only hope it's as well as last year.  

Not a day goes by that I don't notice something about him that proves even more he's growing up.  He's got opinions and no decision is too small.  He has no problem being the bossy one in the room so it's a good thing Alec doesn't mind being told what to do most of the time.  His room is always messy and his toys are usually strewn about as he'd much rather be outside climbing a tree or fence and playing with his next door neighbors.  His interest in superhero's is diminishing a little and is now focused more on nerf guns, minecraft, swimming and still the occasional lego build.  I can also count on him to snuggle with me pretty much any time I ask, so as long as he keeps that up I suppose he can continue having birthdays.

Love you Ethan!  Happy 7th Birthday!

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