Sunday, April 13, 2014

Parent Day for Alec

Last week was Parent Day in Alec's class, he was thrilled to have us there.  He showed us the fire trucks that were new to his class and a couple of his friends that he likes to hang with (Leo and Beckett are his BFF's, by the way).  We all got to sing a few songs and then break up into groups for activities. One of his teachers told us that our boys were two of her favorites, that they were so sweet natured and that Ethan was always doing the "right" thing (guess he saves the "wrong" things for home? ha!).

Nevertheless, it's so fun to see Alec growing up and becoming his own little person.  Nick and I have noted on several occasions the differences between him and his big brother, it's so much fun watching them pick and choose things they enjoy independently.

Daddy and Alec on Parent Day....Takes 1 through 4:

Love these two.
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Every night before I go to bed, I poke my head into each of the boys' room.  They have such different habits, Alec keeps his little lamp on and door closed (although he could open it if I let him) and is always covered up with the comforter with Daddy Puppy securely under his arm.  Generally he's sweaty but insists on wearing the hottest pj's to bed.

As for Ethan, he's got his door wide open with the laundry room light on to serve as his night light.  He rarely has anything other than his "blankie" covering him up and he's never sweaty.  Every now and again, one of them will wake up when I accidentally bump into a misplaced step stool or find that missing Iron Man Lego with my foot.  The other night was particularly funny, Alec had fallen asleep on his side with a few lego guys and pieces under his cheek.  He rustled a bit and rolled over...Nick and I snapped a quick picture and got out of there before he woke.  Too funny.

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Shawnee Mission Park

Spring weather is here and we took the morning to enjoy it at one of our favorite parks.  Next time we're bringing an old pair of shoes so that the boys can be boys and walk in the water.  We took a short hike together and then came back to play on the playground while Nick went on a trail run (he's training for his second annual Tough Mudder in May!) and then went to say to the Easter Bunny who just so happened to visit the park that day.  Ethan tells me he isn't real because he can see a person's head under the mask, so Alec went to ask him if he could talk.  I admit, the bunny costume wasn't that great, but I'm definitely not planning on ruining the make-believe fun of it for Alec.

Can you believe how big the boys are getting?  Just looking at these pictures, it's hard to imagine just a few years ago the difference in each of them.

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Bike Upgrade

Ethan went from this a month before his 5th birthday:

To this as of this week: 


I love the smile on his face as he rides by me.  So much more confident!!  He's only had one big spill so far but I'm sure there's bound to be plenty more.  

He tested a few bikes out but decided on this one.

Nick told him that when he learned to tie a shoe, they'd buy a new (bigger) bike for him.  Little did we know, he'd figure out how to tie in about 10 minutes.  So, off they went to find a bike.  Like every other boy (except Alec, but that's another story) he absolutely LOVES to ride his bike.  Nick and him have ridden up to the gym, to the park, to the grocery store and as I write this, they are out riding right now.

As for Alec, he hasn't figured out the whole pedaling strategy.  And we blame it on the Toot Scoot bike we bought for him last year.  It's a bike with no pedals that sits low to the ground to help toddlers  with their balance on a bike, maybe even allowing them to skip training wheels.  The one fatal flaw of the Toot Scoot is that he's never used pedals before and it's an entirely new concept to him.  So we're working on it but he gets frustrated easily, for now he's totally happy just walking alongside Nick and me.

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Supercuts Update

Our Supercuts opened March 19, just a few weeks ago, and so far things are looking great.   It'll take some time to increase our numbers but we're very happy with what's happened so far.  Nick and I pop in now and again to see how things are running, and once the kids are in school a bit more this fall I'll be able to swing by a bit more often.  But the hard part is over with this location and now it's just a matter of time before we get to do it all over again.

Putting the finishing touches on the place:

 First day open:

 Our stylists were hard at work:

Nick got to enjoy a Tea Tree Experience during some down time.

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Seeing is Believing!

Hello, I'd like to reintroduce myself and my family to this blog since I seem to have taken an extended vacation from it.  Days turn into months so quickly around here, so before 2015 rolls into this blog I carved out a few minutes of my time today to make a much needed update.  This blog is my little diary of our family adventures and I'd be crazy not to continue it!

Let's see is coming to a close, and the boys are indifferent about that.  I know they enjoy seeing their friends a few times a week and I'm not sure Ethan totally understands that he won't be seeing the majority of his current classmates in kindergarten.  He'll be pretty bummed but without a doubt, he'll make many more friends.  Alec will return to pre-school in the fall, this time he'll be going 3 afternoons a week rather than just two.  Ethan will also attend afternoon kindergarten, so we'll see how the afternoon routines work out.

I've signed both boys up for a few different activities this summer.  This will be Alec's first time involved in anything other than sitting on the sidelines watching his brother.  I gave them both a couple different options and we all decided on soccer for Alec and karate for Ethan.  They will both go to a short summer camp at their pre-school as well, so we've got some activities to do other than play at parks.  Oh yeah, we have a few birthdays in the household to celebrate over the next few months, too!

Just a handful of random pictures pass the time as I put together my next post:

Alec and I went on a mom and son breakfast date to I-Hop, while Ethan and Dad went somewhere else.  He gobbled up every bite of that sugar filled pancake...and loved it.  :)

You never know what Alec will be wearing from one minute to the next, he changes clothes multiple times a day for no reason.  This particular day this is how he came out of his room after nap time.  We just roll with it.

Alec picked out a Police officer set and these glasses came with it, I'm glad they were so entertained by them!

He's hiding from me. 

Science City

Went to check on Alec before I headed to bed and found him asleep on the floor.  I asked him why and he said "because Daddy Puppy was down there". 

Ethan is still into legos and plays with them almost daily.  Here is one of his creations, he wanted a picture of it.  They all  have a name usually, but I can't remember what this one was called.  Alec is definitely showing more interest in them, and it wouldn't be a normal day around here if they didn't fight over who had what first.

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Sunday, January 19, 2014

Christmas 2013

I knew this would happen and I'm just going to stop's been nearly a month since Christmas and I'm just now getting a few pictures up here.  Better late than never!

And here's our holiday story told through pictures and short sentences (so much easier this way!).

Nick and I went to a Halloween party dressed as Carrie and a man with a knife stuck in his head.

The boys and I went to Grandma and Grandpa's for the weekend in early December and had a great time.  I was able to have a little girl get-together in Wichita for the night while the boys had a blast doing all sorts of fun things at Grandma's.  See the little marshmallow snowmen they made!??

Cozy fire at Bass Pro Shop (where we got to see Santa)
I was getting ready to take their pictures when I noticed the kids had their chins lifted up too high, so I asked them to put their chins down a little and this happened.  Wise guys.

That's a little better!

Always putting the kids in a headlock, which they pretend to hate but actually love.

My mom, Jim and Beth came over on Christmas Eve to celebrate. We decorated a gingerbread house, ate too much food and watched our traditional National Lampons Christmas Vacation movie.

Grandma and Alec

Grandma came equipped with our traditional game we play each year.  Nick read The Night Before Christmas while we each passed gifts around during the story...there are no losers in this game, only winners!

The night before Christmas is when we say our goodbye's to Elfie, this is the only time the boys can touch him. He was with us for an entire month, doing his usual things during the middle of the night (sometimes making a mess, but he was pretty mellow this year!).  He left a note telling the kids goodbye and that he'd make a surprise visit in 6 months just to check in, Ethan LOVED that.

Ethan writing his note to Santa and leaving him cookies and milk.
Christmas morning!  The boys ripped through all of their gifts and started playing right away.  I didn't take many pictures but I did videotape them coming downstairs and seeing the tree with all the gifts.  No idea how to get that onto my blog since I used my camcorder.

Later in the day we went to Nana's to celebrate.  The boys are beyond loved and got everything they dreamed of and more.  Santa came through with a remote control car for Alec and a Lego City set for Ethan.  Grandma and Grandpa gave them several things as well, including a large remote control truck for Ethan and a Play Doh Garbage truck for Alec.  From Nana they were given a few things too,   such as a lego set and a bunch of batman toys!  Needless to say, we did a little purging of toys that don't get a lot of attention after the holidays were over.  That felt good!

 On Christmas night the boys enjoyed one last taste of their gingerbread house and some hot chocolate.  We had a great Christmas and look forward to many more!

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