Tuesday, April 21, 2009


Hi, let me start by introducing myself and those close to me. My name is Sherry, my husband's name is Nick and we've got a little boy, E.C. (the reason I decided to start this blog). EC isn't what we actually call him, but for the sake of a little privacy that's what I'll refer to him as. Not to mention, my husband appreciates the line from the movie, There Will Be Blood, as the dad introduces his 6-ish year old son to a prospective client (use a southern drawl for effect), "Meet my son and business partner, H.W". Most of you reading this probably already know my family and me but it just seems right to give a little bit of background just in case you may be one of those people who have stumbled upon this tiny blog by pure accident, and then decided to stay awhile.

Without further ado....a little about me. I recently left a great career and traded it in for a much more demanding job as a SAHM (Stay At Home Mom). It was a scary decision to be honest. To leave a great job that I'd worked hard at, to give up my salary and all those benefits, and to
assume I'd love staying home everyday. By the same token, it was also the easiest decision I'd ever made. I feel so lucky to be with EC every single day
(approaching 300 days, but who's counting?), and I have my husband to thank for it. Speaking of my husband, well, he isn't the type of guy who would be interested in having a bunch of personal stuff written about him in my blog (or anyone else's for that matter) so I will keep it simple. He is a brilliant, witty, sarcastic, passionate, loyal, funny, and driven husband/man/dad/businessman. I should also mention he is an awesome Daddy, EC couldn't have picked a better one.

So let me sum up EC's last 9.5 months for you in a paragraph in case you aren't already up to speed. He was born on the Fourth of July, 3 weeks early by emergency C-section due to an alarmingly low fetal heart rate. He weighed in at a whooping 5lbs 6oz. and was 18 inches long. He spent his first 3 days of life in the NICU due to fluid on his lungs and some other minor problems. It was a very scary time for us though, and all if it happened so fast. After he passed all the tests, quizzes and exams in the NICU he was swaddled up and sent home with us. Truth be told, I was
ready to leave the hospital. He was so tiny, and fragile, and unpredictable, I should also mention I had no prior experience with babies let alone a teeny one. After a few days though, we got the hang of it. I ("we", actually) only dropped him once. I'm not joking, it was awful! EC rolled right off the couch when he wasn't more than 2 months old. He was fine, still swaddled up tightly as he hit the ground. I still cringe when I think of it, but I'm sure I'm not the only one who let their little baby fall 2 feet off the couch, am I? Fast forward to present day: EC is nearly 10 months old, has blondish hair, big bright blue eyes, two bottom teeth, a HUGE grin, a dimple on the right cheek and quite possibly a love for music.

I wished I had started this blog 10 months ago, but I hadn't even given it a second thought until one of the mom's from the Mom and Tot Group I belong to said I should start one. Apparently it's what lots of parents do, so I figured "why not?". Let the fun begin (now if I could just figure out how to load photos, then we'll be in business)!

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  1. Hello! I just popped over from Heather at the EO's blog and I'd like to argue that your blog posts are anything but boring...I am thrilled to find another Mom who is as ecstatic about everything her little one does as I am about mine! :) And who wouldn't be? EC is gorgeous! (Turns out we both started on this blogging journey at the same time, too!) So, thanks for sharing your stories!