Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Busy week!

We had another "first" today, my little towhead and I headed on over to the hair salon and enjoyed his first haircut. I'm sure I was much more excited than he was! Here is the before picture...his hair was nearly as unmanageable as mine. Ok, not quite but it was getting there.

And here he is just after his cut, sitting in the froggie kiddie chair watching Scooby Doo. He looked so grown up! After I got home, Nick saw this picture and said the stylist is Nana's long time stylist. What a small world!

Finally, the result. He looks so handsome! Maybe now he won't be called a girl as often, because wearing a blue and red basketball outfit obviously wasn't enough. Hmmmm.

Why eat at the kitchen table when you can take your kitchen table outdoors? All 3 of us spent the majority of the day outside because it was absolutely gorgeous! EC's dinnertime snuck up on me while we were out so we just brought it all outside. After he went to bed, Nick and I followed suit and dined under the birch tree.

Last week we had a house guest for a night, my friend Saleena. I call her Crazy "Aunt" Saleena because she is, well, crazy. It's all in fun though and EC adores her.
Lastly, this picture just cracks me up:

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  1. Hey, handsome little guy there, he sure is a cutie. He'll make Mother's Day real special. thanks for the video for Mother's Day. Have a great day!!!

  2. What a sweetie he is! Adorable! Thanks for stopping at my blog and being one of my first commenters! Such a precious baby you have. Cute haircut!

    I love the way you have your blog styled with the red, white and blue! I'm still trying to navigate how to do anything on my blog LOL!