Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Every Day is Mother's Day

I hope all you Mom's had a Happy Mother's Day this past Sunday. I did! There's nothing like waking up to find a beautiful bouquet of flowers and breakfast on a tray waiting for you. I think you'll agree the flowers were pretty, see?

So, after having my first Mother's Day I decided to post some snapshots over the past 10 months of my two boys that made this day possible. Without these two I'd be lost.

Lastly, I'd like to send a big HUG to my very own Mom. She claims as a child I never really had an interest in baby dolls, playing house or Barbies but somewhere along the line I learned a great deal about how to be a loving mom and I owe that to her! In addition to my mom, another big HUG goes out to Nick's Mom. She's got a huge heart.  I'm a lucky person to have TWO special Mom's in my life.

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  1. Thanks Sherry, that was so nice to hear. You are doing a great job with Ethan, it just shows in how he looks at you for one thing. The flowers were very pretty and breakfast, not bad.
    Jim is feeling better, he was really glad you went and got him and helped get his things from the car and the police report. He especially liked the hugs from Ethan. Havr a good week, hope the sun comes out so you can go outside. TTYL mom

  2. Sherry,
    There was never a doubt that you would be a great mom!! You have a GREAT teacher!!! And there will be plenty more for you to enjoy!! Glad you had a special day!!!

  3. Shanda--wrote the above comment....lol