Saturday, June 27, 2009

Comfy Wagon Rides

Pillow? Check.
Sippy cup? Check.
Puffy snacks? Check.
Toy truck? Check.
One tuckered out little boy? Check.

Looks like he's had one heck of a day, doesn't it? He laid just like this for the majority of our hot walk to Dillons last weekend, I'm pretty sure he's going to boycott the stroller if I ever attempt to put him in it.  Who wouldn't after this?  Geesh.

"Mother, will you please fetch me a cool beverage? Chop, chop."
I can just imagine him asking me (in his yet-to-be-heard grownup voice).

The three of us have been putting the miles on this early birthday present lately.   After finally figuring out that standing in the wagon is a no-no, he has thoroughly enjoyed lounging comfortably all the while letting the world pass him by, quite literally.  What a life.

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  1. Hi!! I didn't know Ethan was born on the 4th. That is so neat. He seems to be growing up fast too, I can't believe he will be 1 in a week!

  2. Hi, yes he does look comfortable, pretty soon though he will be walking and wanting to pull it instead of riding in it. Maybe grandma will get a ride someday, maybe when the sides are down. When I gave him a ride around the house he did sit down, when he would start to get up I just said you better sit down and there he went. He will soon be one, can you believe it, it is just like a day ago that you called us and I wanted to rush right over and see everyone. Guess we'll soon be there watching him turn one. Dakota is excited and I haven't even told her about swimming yet. Cute pictures, glad you are sharing. Talk to you soon. mom

  3. Hey! Thanks for stopping by my blog!
    How cool that your son and I share the same birthday on the 4th of July!
    Yes, having a bday on Independence Day is fun...I mean, fireworks for your birthday every year! When I was younger, I used to think the fireworks were just for my birthday :)
    I hope your son has a great birthday this Saturday...I'll be thinking of him as I celebrate myself!