Friday, June 12, 2009

A letter to EC

Wow! EC is about to celebrate his very first birthday in just a few short weeks, I seriously can not believe it. Sometimes it feels as though life just passes you by and before you know it, days you thought would never get here are long gone and nothing more than a faded memory. As you may know, I started this blog a couple months ago to document his progress, to let family far away peek in on our lives, and to have something in writing for EC to thumb through once he's older (assuming he's interested, of course). So I decided to write him a little letter.

Dear EC,

You are about to turn one year old and I cannot tell you where the time has gone. It seems like just last week I found out I was pregnant (and kept it a secret from your Daddy for a few hours until he found the little blue booties with a pregnancy test slipped inside them, now that was tough!) But here you are, growing up before my very eyes. You might wonder someday what you were like as a tiny baby and now a one year old, so I'd like to share some of my favorite things about you, although truth be told, everything about you is my favorite!

When you were born you were such a tiny, fragile yet strong, gorgeous little thing. You had just enough hair, deep dark blue eyes, long fingers and your Dad's toes. I can remember the exact moment you looked into my eyes for the very first time and I swear it seemed as though you knew exactly who you were looking at. Your mom. I would be lying if I said that didn't still choke me up.

As a baby of a few months old you were interested in looking outside through the living room windows at the trees, you enjoyed bath time, you fell asleep on your Dad's chest, you took your naps in the living room, you didn't cry when someone new held you, you ignored the cat, you cried very little, and you woke up a lot slept in your crib every night since the day we brought you home.

As you have gotten older you have most definitely turned into your own little person! It's so much fun to see what new thing you're going to come up with each day. For example, just yesterday I found you (not that I let you out of my sight ever) gliding up the stair steps on your way to hang out with your Dad. This was the first time you'd even attempted stairs! You get restless if we stay inside too long, you throw your food once you've had enough, you crawl super fast, you chase the cat and give her "hugs", you put everything in your mouth, you shake your head "no", you belly laugh when you are startled, you love being tossed in the air, you have 6 teeth, you "brush" your own hair, you sleep all night, you love spending time with different people, you could eat an entire carton of blueberries, you take 2 naps everyday, you say "dada" more than "mama" (don't worry, I'm not envious yet), you go "brrrrrrrrr" when you see your toy cars, you drink from a straw sippy cup, you are super cuddly right before bed, and you make me laugh and smile many times every single day.

You are such a fun and happy little boy, I hope you stay that way forever.

I love you more than you know, and you probably won't understand just how much until you have your own little baby. Every single night when I'm putting you to bed I whisper in your ear, "Thank you for picking me to be your Mommy" as your warm little head is cuddled in the crook of my neck.

Happy (soon to be) 1st Birthday EC!



  1. AHHHH! that is so sweet, sounds just like you, Ethan and daddy. I have seen so much of what you described but know I have not seen near enough. Ethan is so sweet, he makes everyone smile that I see, thanks for writing the letter and giving everyone a chance to read it. Love mom (Grandma) can't wait till he says my name also and hugs me so tight.

  2. Sherry this is the sweetest thing ever. Definitely brought a tear to my eye. I hope you have enjoyed his "baby days" and cherish all the cuddles. They outgrow them so quickly:(