Friday, June 19, 2009

So Much Summer Fun!

Our family has enjoyed some fun outings these past couple weeks. We have gone swimming, went on a tractor ride and planted a flower at Cox Farms with our Mom and Tot Group, went to All Star Sports, got an early birthday gift from Daddy, and discovered Elmo.

EC has been swimming about 4 times this year and so far it seems like we've got a water baby on our hands. I apologize for the pictures, not sure why they turned out so blue. Though EC's face says he's miserable, he really did have a good time, I promise. He gets a kick of of falling forward on his belly (safely in my arms, of course) and putting his nose and mouth in the water.

At Cox Farms we rode behind a tractor and checked out their entire farm, then we got a short tour of their store and finally we all planted a flower to take home. The little ones didn't care much for the flowers, just the yummy dirt!

Nick, EC and I went to All Star Sports last weekend in hopes of finding a few rides EC would enjoy. The water bumper boats were out of order so that left us with only 2 other rides that EC could do. He's got about 10 more inches of height required before he's legal for anything else, so we'll come back when he's 5!

Check out the awesome Radio Flyer EC got for his birthday! What's that? His birthday isn't for a couple more weeks? Well, try telling that to Nick! He has no will-power...none, zip, zelch, zero. I think he was a lot more excited about the wagon than little birthday boy was. So far, those two have taken several walks around the neighborhood in this suped-up-red-flyer-wagon-mobile. I'm convinced Nick is just trying to make the little kiddos in the area jealous.

Watching Elmo sing and dance, he loved it!

Have a great weekend and Happy Father's Day to you if you're a Dad!!

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  1. Cute pictures, and what a wagon, that will last him for years to come. No will power, eh? Oh well, guess that's not a bad thing. So that is the Merry-go-round that made mom and dad sick, funny. Maybe not so funny but bet Ethan liked it. Have a good day, love mom

  2. Thanks for the comments, Mom. See you guys tomorrow!