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EC turns one year old today, July 4, so that means exactly one year ago (at 6:48pm to be precise) he made his grand entrance into this world, fireworks and all! I thought I'd share some photos of him throughout the year and a very long story quick little recap of how his grand entrance played out. Story first though (I won't be offended if you want to skip ahead), then the fun photos.

Initially I wrote out my entire labor and delivery story then decided to hit the delete button and sum it up to save my reader(s) from her (their) own pain and suffering. So here are the cliff notes, albeit still kinda long:

EC was born 3 weeks early, via emergency C-section exactly one hour after I checked into the hospital. Absolutely nothing happened as I had imagined it would, and all those hours spent at our Childbirth Preparation classes were a waste of time. I might as well have spent those precious hours having another bowl of ice cream or something.

The pain of contractions at 7cm dilated without any medication was excruciating and I bow down to all those moms who go drug-free (I bet your mom did it). You are woman and I hear you roar. Ok, not really, but I bet the lady down the hall did! Nonetheless, being asked to hold perfectly still while a gigantic needle was inserted into my spine area while having intense pain every 60 seconds was no easy feat either, but I managed thankyouverymuch. I should also mention I had Nick right by my side during ALL of this, he probably has fingernail marks on his arm if you need proof.

In no time at all, the doctor held our baby up and over the screen that prevented us from seeing the gaping hole in my tummy.  It was a surreal moment, seeing this little human being that had grown inside me for the past 8 months and 1 week.  I will never forget that moment. He was perfect.

EC was immediately whisked away to the NICU where he'd spend 3 days for treatment of fluid on his lungs and a few other health concerns. I didn't get to see him for two very long hours after he was born, as I was ordered to rest and let the meds kick in...or was it to wear off? I have no idea. 

Thankfully Nick was able to follow him into the NICU and brought back the updates and some pictures on our digital camera. Those 3 days were scary, we hadn't given a second thought to having a baby that wasn't perfectly healthy. I will never take his health for granted. 

In the end, our little babe pulled through just fine and is now a strong, happy, healthy 1 year old. See for yourself:

Very first photo of EC-5lbs 6oz

One month old

Relaxing with his teddy at 3 months old

4 months old

6 months and sitting up

Easter Day-8 months old

9 months old and chillin' in his pj's

A couple weeks shy of 12 months old!

Happy 4th of July to you and HAPPY 1st BIRTHDAY to our sweet son.

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