Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Summer Swimming in his Skivvies

Who knew how much fun a baby pool could be!? Water from the hose was pretty cool but that didn't stop EC from splish splashing around. Check out the video below, he spent most of his time playing with the sprinkler and getting mouthfuls of water.


This picture was taken on a different day from the ones above it.  It was nearly bedtime so we saw no point in putting him in swim trunks.  Yep, we're one of those families with a naked baby in a pool, in the front yard, so close to bedtime.  But as you can see, he clearly enjoyed his "freedom".  And you can enjoy this picture thanks to my cleverly placed censor sign that he'll someday thank me for.

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  1. looks like he had lots of fun getting wet. I haven't seen one with the water spout, how cute, did you just leave it in the front yard? I bet it was hard getting him out of there. Guess you know what you will be doing on those 100 plus days. Have fun!!!! mom