Sunday, August 30, 2009

Vacuum Rider

What's that? Your kid doesn't do this when you vacuum?


Now that I've got the weird part out of the way...

For several months EC has been imitating little things he sees Nick or I do, but in the past couple weeks he's really started to mimic even more, especially the small gestures and such. I should grab the video camera and try to capture it as it's not as much fun just reading about it, I'm sure. Anyway, a few things he's mimicked lately: blowing on all his food, sneezing, coughing, blowing his nose, counting with his fingers, picking his nose (ok, to be fair, Nick said he wasn't actually picking his nose, more like itching it. uh-huh, suuure), and winking.

Just today he stayed at his Nana's for a couple hours and she told us how he climbed up and down her full flight of stairs 3 times. I knew he was a master at climbing up, but didn't know he was also a pro at going down! Maybe next time we leave him there he'll be reading.

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Thursday, August 27, 2009

Sit here, please.

Our solution to an unhappy baby who doesn't want to sit in a shopping cart?

So if you ever happen to be shopping at Dillons, Lowe's or Home Depot and you hear a kid squealing in delight, you might look around and see if you spot these two running up and down the aisles. They both had permanent smiles on their faces, as did all the customers they passed. And I'm positive if EC could talk he would've been screaming, "LOOOOK MAAAA, NOOO HAANDS!" as they raced past me down the in the aisle.

If putting your kid on someone's shoulders doesn't do the trick, try putting him in a cute kid sized flower pot. I suggest this with caution though, as there was more kicking and screaming getting our kid out of the pot and into the car seat! That part? Not so cute.

And just for the record, I don't typically take my camera along on boring shopping trips. Fortunately, my trusty iPhone has come in handy many times when I spot something picture-worthy. That thing does everything. Now if I could just create an app that babysits...

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Sunday, August 23, 2009

Animal Crackers

You'll never guess where we went last week:

No, we didn't go to my relatives house! We went to the zoo, though you could argue those two are one in the same. Ha, just joking mom!

Unfortunately, it was a semi-short trip because someone got tired of the zoo 15 minutes after we arrived. So I gave him a pep-talk, offered him some animal crackers, and gave him some juice. Shortly after, I did the same thing for our son. These two (insert eye-roll here) are a lot of work!

In front of the giraffe exhibit

Photo with the flamingos

The best seat in the house

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Monday, August 17, 2009

Krispy Kreme--Take 2

Remember this face? When EC wasn't having it with the warm Krispy Kreme donut he was given?

Nick figured out the problem...he needed a kid-sized donut! DUH!

So much for bananas and yogurt. Thanks Nick.

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Friday, August 7, 2009

Drums, Pets and Cars

With it being so hot and muggy outside, EC and I have spent a lot more time at home than normal. I'm pretty sure we've played with every single toy he owns at least 5 times now, we've even resorted to emptying a couple kitchen cabinets and playing drums with a few pots, pans and some spoons. And yes, the parenting magazines are really do like playing with pots and pans! See?


Our furry friend, Molly the cat, has had her fill of the pint sized person though. EC's begun to torment her by pulling her tail, pushing her over, feeding her cheerios, and throwing hard objects in her direction. She tolerates it pretty well but we know it's time to move on when she starts giving him a warning know, 'cause she's nice like that.

Speaking of our furry friends, Nick and I had to do something this past weekend that was one of the hardest things we've done in a very long time. We made the difficult, but necessary, decision to give our large furry friend, Bigsby, to a large breed rescue organization called Big Dogs Huge Paws. He's been part of our family since he was 8 weeks old, and he's all of 3 years old now. If you know me at all, you know I am a huge animal lover so it goes without saying exactly how heartbreaking this was.

Long story short, we weren't able to give him the time and attention he deserves, he practically owned the entire backyard, and was too big and clumsy to let EC play with safely. He'll go to a good home, hopefully in Colorado, where the cool weather will agree with him more and he'll get to enjoy the snow he so much loved romping in.

So with tears in our eyes, we said goodbye to our gentle giant, Bigsby.

The first 2 pictures he was just a pup, only a year old. The last one was taken just a few weeks ago. Pictures don't do him justice though, he is a big beautiful animal who weighed as much as a grown man (or me, when I was pregnant!) and had a heart just as big to match.

Ok, enough with the depressing news. Let's end with a fun video of the little man! These wooden cars and trucks are a few of EC's favorites which is pretty neat since they were Nick's toys when he was a young lad.


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Saturday, August 1, 2009

Food Fight

You wouldn't guess it by looking at him, but he used to be an awesome eater up until a few months ago. He would've eaten shrimp creole had I served it, there was nothing he wouldn't gobble down. Things have changed nowadays, partly because he wishes to do it himself. Spoon and all. However, I don't have 3 hours a day three times a day so an occasional fit will be thrown, a mess will be made, and a small amount of food will land in his belly if we're lucky.
At this rate, he may weigh 19 pounds until he's 15 years old.

This morning the 3 of us guiltily consumed our entire daily allowance of calories on Krispy Kreme. Well, sort of. While Nick and I inhaled our warm, delicious bites of heavenly goodness, EC looked at us like we'd just placed raw chicken on his tray.

Seriously, who doesn't like an original glaze? This kid is crazy. Oh well, more for ME!

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