Thursday, August 27, 2009

Sit here, please.

Our solution to an unhappy baby who doesn't want to sit in a shopping cart?

So if you ever happen to be shopping at Dillons, Lowe's or Home Depot and you hear a kid squealing in delight, you might look around and see if you spot these two running up and down the aisles. They both had permanent smiles on their faces, as did all the customers they passed. And I'm positive if EC could talk he would've been screaming, "LOOOOK MAAAA, NOOO HAANDS!" as they raced past me down the in the aisle.

If putting your kid on someone's shoulders doesn't do the trick, try putting him in a cute kid sized flower pot. I suggest this with caution though, as there was more kicking and screaming getting our kid out of the pot and into the car seat! That part? Not so cute.

And just for the record, I don't typically take my camera along on boring shopping trips. Fortunately, my trusty iPhone has come in handy many times when I spot something picture-worthy. That thing does everything. Now if I could just create an app that babysits...

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  1. Who could possibly be expected to ride in a cart when they have such an exciting alternative? :) So cute. I can't believe how big your firecracker is getting! Oh - I TOTALLY heart my iPhone, but I'm considering upgrading to a 3GS just to get even more iPhone love.

  2. Dustin LOVES carrying the kids on his shoulders. It makes me nervous every time he does it, but it's so cute, and they love it!

  3. That's so funny and what a perfect solution to be buckled in a boring shopping cart!