Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Yoga Baby

About a month ago, EC and I were playing in our front yard. He looked up at me and said, "Ma, where's your camera? I'm gonna do some yoga and need to check my form." Sure thing, kid.

Doing what I was told, I located my camera and snapped away.

Cobra pose anyone?

When he was finished showing off he told me to ditch the camera and insisted I come over and join him for a warrior bridge half moon facing downward something or other, pose.

Uhhh, no thanks, your mommy can't even touch her toes, mmmmkay?
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Friday, September 25, 2009

First Days of Walking Video

Since his first step 3 days ago, EC is gaining confidence each day and trying out his few found skill around the house. Several times now he's stopped walking and put his head on the ground like he wants to do a somersault, I'm not sure what that's all about!?

I was able to catch a couple unsteady, shaky steps on video today.



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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Guess who...

...took his first (unassisted) steps this afternoon? We're all pretty excited about it, too!

It started with 2 little steps, then plop to the floor. Then back up for 3 steps, plop, and back up for 5 steps, plop. I was at my parent's house and Nick wasn't with us so he didn't get to see it, but once we got home EC didn't want to disappoint him so he took another couple steps just to show off.

I've had 14 months to prepare myself for a toddler getting into everything, so let the fun begin!!

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Monday, September 21, 2009

Five Hours of Fun at the Fair

EC's first trip to the State Fair was bushels of fun! We went with a friend of mine and her son, Lil' Cowboy. I think the boys had just as much fun as she and I did! We ended up staying there for FIVE hours, who knew there was so much to do!?

We rode the ponies (well, the boys did), pet the goats, rode the rides, smelled the cows and played some "you might as well just give me your $5 and walk away, ma'am, because there is NO way in hell you're going to knock down those 3 glasses with this ping pong ball" games.

A fried Oreo, funnel cake, chicken strip, french fry, chocolate covered marshmallow, and watered-down cherry limeade later (uuugh), we packed the kids up and crossed our fingers for a quiet ride home. Whether it was exhaustion or a belly ache, we don't know, but they were cranky little fair goers on the ride home. It was well worth it though, mine slept wonderfully that night.

Now please sit back, relax and enjoy the photos from our adventure.

Taking home the 1st place ribbon for Cutest Toddler at the Fair!

Taking a break from the stroller and watching the train chug by.

I asked him to wipe the look of excitement off his face, because smiles just ruin a good photo, you know.

He knew right where to hold on. My guess is that he'll be better at riding horses than I was. There's nothing like taking a face plant and getting 13 stitches in your bottom lip, ouch!

He's never going to view our lawn mower the same. This was the best ride at the entire fair!

Forget the parks...we're going to the John Deere store for play dates!

He was in awe of the bird/duck/goose exhibit.

Pointing out the steers, herefords, bulls, cows. Or whatever they're all called (there wasn't any information posted for me to educate myself, sorry). I wanted to pet one so bad and just as I put my brave face on for EC and extended my arm I read a sign that said "DO NOT TOUCH. VIOLATORS WILL BE SHOT". Umm, okaaaay. Retract arm.

Something else that made me laugh out loud was the concession stand 5 yards from the rows and rows of these 4 legged beasts. Your choices there? You guessed it. Hamburgers, Cheeseburgers and Hot Dogs. These people love their cow(s).

A tad scary....the "kid" sized ferris wheel wasn't so kid sized if you ask me! Neither of the boys were the least bit fazed by our round trips to the top of the world.


The "You been farming long?" picture below is a favorite of mine. The above picture of EC and Lil' Cowboy reminded me of it a little...even though they are faced the wrong way, aren't wearing overalls, don't have their hands in their pockets, and don't have hats on.
Click here to view larger image

If only the people actually feeding the animals could read.

Goats LOVE this kid! Remember this photo (below) from May of this year?

And finally...

Though it's illegal (don't turn me in, please) to copy a professional print with your own digital camera, I'm risking jail time just for you. It's okay though, I know a little someone who will come rescue me.

Lil' Cowboy's mom wanted to do this western photo shoot, and after I saw her son's picture I couldn't resist. I think it turned out purdy darn cute.

Goodbye Fair. Until we meet again next year.

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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Lawn Mowers and Fun Things

For a couple months now, EC has a minor obsession with our lawn mower. Every time he saw Nick mowing he'd put his arms straight out in front of him and open and close his hands repeatedly all while making a sound that means "want, want, want".

Naturally, we caved and Nick gave him a short ride in the yard.

Since then, we cannot walk into our garage without EC pointing and saying "eh, eh, eh" and then throwing a minor fit once he realizes he's getting a ride in mommy's car rather than daddy's john deere.

Life's tough.

I promise you, Nick keeps a death grip on EC when giving him a ride.

It's been awhile since I've posted a few fun things EC has picked up on recently. I need to write them here, as I no longer keep a journal of notes about him since he turned 1, and I have a memory shorter than a goldfish (which I heard was all of 2 seconds).

If you catch him while he's in a talkative mood, you can ask him what a cat, cow or duck says and he'll tell you. The "moo" and "meow" sound a little bit alike, but if you listen closely, there's enough of a difference that allows me to count it as 2 words. :)

He is now, officially, a good sleeper thank God. Trust me, there was a point I thought I'd be 62 before I got a good night's rest! This morning he even slept until 7:48am, which is about an hour longer than usual. I think he enjoys giving me a little treat every now and again.

Fake crying, he's got it figured out. Or should I say, he's got us figured out. When something doesn't go his way, he's sure to let us know of his disappointment by letting out a fakeish cry that produces zero tears. It used to work, we used to give in. Now we just try to let him feel a little disappoinment, because really, I don't want him to be totally spoiled. Also, little boys have no business playing with paint scrapers, screwdrivers, and hammers, right?

No first steps yet, but we're working on it. If you've ever seen EC crawl, you might agree that he'd come in 1st place in a crawling race competition, so I'm pretty sure he'll stick to the fastest method of getting him from point A to point B. A friend of mine said her husband bribed their little ones with soda, but I'll keep that to myself as not to give Nick any ideas. But I'll keep you posted (ha, get it? posted? I crack myself up, really, I do) on his progress though.

Lastly, here are a couple of things that have never come out of my mouth. Until recently.

"Bath toys don't go in the toilet. Ever."

"Get your finger out of your nose."

"How the heck did you just fall INTO the bathtub?"

"No, you can NOT play with this knife."

"Stop flushing the toilet."

"No, he's not 9 months old, he's 14 months old." Grrrrrrr.

"PLEASE, can't I just pee in private for once?!" (Seriously, unless it's 3am, I do not pee alone. I know I'm not the only mom wishing for a little privacy in the bathroom!)

and my personal favorite....

"Honey, please stop pulling on that." Yeeouch.

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Sunday, September 13, 2009

Happy Grandparent's Day!

Today is a special day because it's Grandparent's Day (for those of you who forgot, you can thank me later). Not only does EC have some pretty awesome grandparents, but so do Nick and I. I know a few of EC's grandparents and GREAT-grandparents keep up with this blog so we'd like to take a moment to wish them a...


EC and I pulled out every bit of our creative talent and made this for you. You're welcome.

I tried my best to get a smile out of the uncooperative grandson, but he just wasn't interested in sitting pretty while holding a sign. I even bribed him with cookies and milk. It was still a no go, but you get the idea.

EC is lucky and gets to spend a lot of time with his Grandma and Grandpa R and his Nana (we like to call her ba-Nana, I'm sure she loooves that) since they live so close. He's gotten a couple visits from his Grandpa from Iowa and even took a trip to Cincinnati when he was 4 months old to meet his GREAT-grandparents! So we have lots more fun times to be had with all of his "grands"!

As for my grandparents, I have
lots of memories, for instance...my grandpa always called me "Sherry Berry Bee" and I'm ever so thankful that didn't stick, my grandma fed me so many strawberries from her garden once that I got a rash, my grandpa taught me how to play solitaire, he secretly got annoyed when I practiced my clarinet for him, my grandma collects (a bit obsessively if you ask me) ceramic birds and ducks, they raised 8 kids in a teeny, tiny house (grandma still lives there), my grandpa drove a white painter's van with an old wooden ladder on the side of it (yes, he was a painter), and my grandma didn't drive until she was in her 70's...or somewhere around there. I could go on and on, but I'll spare you this time.

I asked Nick for a memory or two I could share of his grandparents, he said he had a lot but didn't want to bore anyone with the details (apparently he doesn't understand the purpose of a blog...BORE PEOPLE WITH DETAILS!). Finally, he said I could share the fact that he used to call his Grandma D "fluffy". He didn't give me anymore details to that story, so I can't elaborate. **Hellooooo Grandma D!!**

Oh yeah, it's also someone's birthday today! Happy Birthday Grandpa D! It's a double special day for you, so enjoy.

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Friday, September 11, 2009


Here are a handful of photos that begged and pleaded to be added to the blog. And being the nice person that I am, I obliged.

Notice the new hairdo (his, not mine)

Peek-a-boo at the park

I had to literally drag him away from this little fun spot at the park

Big chair for a little boy

Happy weekend!
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Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Five Band-Aids will do, thanks.

EC had his 14 month checkup this morning, and according to the doctor, he's doing great. Not that I need a doctor to tell me that!

It's no surprise that he's a little guy (almost exactly the same weight and height as Nick at this age) but the doc said he's growing right on schedule and inching his way up the standard growth chart just fine. He's a whooping 20lbs and 29 1/4 inches tall. I thought for sure those Krispy Kreme donuts would have put him over the 20lb mark!

We discussed his developmental skills, chatted about the H1N1 flu, spoke about his eating habits, and for the finale of the visit, EC endured FIVE shots (4 to the thigh, one to the arm)! He didn't even let out a peep after the first shot in the arm but he let the nurse have it after the next 4. It was the type of cry that was silent. His face was beet red, his mouth wide open (but quiet) and his eyes full of tears. Once he was able to catch his breath he really let us both have it, and it was loud. Thank goodness for spiderman stickers!

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Thursday, September 3, 2009

Baby Break Dancing

The boy has skillz:


Maybe this boy can give him some pointers?

Like most babies I know (and if you must know, I don't know that many babies) EC has an ear for music and will dance whenever an opportunity presents itself. Of course, his idea of dancing is to assume the squat position, and bop up and down with one hand securely on the coffee table and the other waivin' in the air like he just don't care. That's just how he rolls.

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