Monday, September 21, 2009

Five Hours of Fun at the Fair

EC's first trip to the State Fair was bushels of fun! We went with a friend of mine and her son, Lil' Cowboy. I think the boys had just as much fun as she and I did! We ended up staying there for FIVE hours, who knew there was so much to do!?

We rode the ponies (well, the boys did), pet the goats, rode the rides, smelled the cows and played some "you might as well just give me your $5 and walk away, ma'am, because there is NO way in hell you're going to knock down those 3 glasses with this ping pong ball" games.

A fried Oreo, funnel cake, chicken strip, french fry, chocolate covered marshmallow, and watered-down cherry limeade later (uuugh), we packed the kids up and crossed our fingers for a quiet ride home. Whether it was exhaustion or a belly ache, we don't know, but they were cranky little fair goers on the ride home. It was well worth it though, mine slept wonderfully that night.

Now please sit back, relax and enjoy the photos from our adventure.

Taking home the 1st place ribbon for Cutest Toddler at the Fair!

Taking a break from the stroller and watching the train chug by.

I asked him to wipe the look of excitement off his face, because smiles just ruin a good photo, you know.

He knew right where to hold on. My guess is that he'll be better at riding horses than I was. There's nothing like taking a face plant and getting 13 stitches in your bottom lip, ouch!

He's never going to view our lawn mower the same. This was the best ride at the entire fair!

Forget the parks...we're going to the John Deere store for play dates!

He was in awe of the bird/duck/goose exhibit.

Pointing out the steers, herefords, bulls, cows. Or whatever they're all called (there wasn't any information posted for me to educate myself, sorry). I wanted to pet one so bad and just as I put my brave face on for EC and extended my arm I read a sign that said "DO NOT TOUCH. VIOLATORS WILL BE SHOT". Umm, okaaaay. Retract arm.

Something else that made me laugh out loud was the concession stand 5 yards from the rows and rows of these 4 legged beasts. Your choices there? You guessed it. Hamburgers, Cheeseburgers and Hot Dogs. These people love their cow(s).

A tad scary....the "kid" sized ferris wheel wasn't so kid sized if you ask me! Neither of the boys were the least bit fazed by our round trips to the top of the world.


The "You been farming long?" picture below is a favorite of mine. The above picture of EC and Lil' Cowboy reminded me of it a little...even though they are faced the wrong way, aren't wearing overalls, don't have their hands in their pockets, and don't have hats on.
Click here to view larger image

If only the people actually feeding the animals could read.

Goats LOVE this kid! Remember this photo (below) from May of this year?

And finally...

Though it's illegal (don't turn me in, please) to copy a professional print with your own digital camera, I'm risking jail time just for you. It's okay though, I know a little someone who will come rescue me.

Lil' Cowboy's mom wanted to do this western photo shoot, and after I saw her son's picture I couldn't resist. I think it turned out purdy darn cute.

Goodbye Fair. Until we meet again next year.

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  1. Oh my gosh, that last picture os the cutest.thing.EVER!

    Looks like you guys had a great time. I am going to have to put the fair on my to-do list for next year- we've yet to go since we've lived here!

  2. I take Bubs and Chubs to the John Deere store all the time for playdates. We literally go at least once a week. They know us very well there. When we go inside to play with the tractors in there they call us by name. Of course we have to climb on all the big tractors outside, too. It's great, free, fun!

  3. Looks like you guys had a lot of fun! I love the last pic of EC. Those are always fun pics to have taken.

  4. You got such great pictures there! We still haven't been to the fair either- I blow it off every year but your pics definitely make me want to go! And the mention of a fried Oreo is making my mouth water! :)