Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Lawn Mowers and Fun Things

For a couple months now, EC has a minor obsession with our lawn mower. Every time he saw Nick mowing he'd put his arms straight out in front of him and open and close his hands repeatedly all while making a sound that means "want, want, want".

Naturally, we caved and Nick gave him a short ride in the yard.

Since then, we cannot walk into our garage without EC pointing and saying "eh, eh, eh" and then throwing a minor fit once he realizes he's getting a ride in mommy's car rather than daddy's john deere.

Life's tough.

I promise you, Nick keeps a death grip on EC when giving him a ride.

It's been awhile since I've posted a few fun things EC has picked up on recently. I need to write them here, as I no longer keep a journal of notes about him since he turned 1, and I have a memory shorter than a goldfish (which I heard was all of 2 seconds).

If you catch him while he's in a talkative mood, you can ask him what a cat, cow or duck says and he'll tell you. The "moo" and "meow" sound a little bit alike, but if you listen closely, there's enough of a difference that allows me to count it as 2 words. :)

He is now, officially, a good sleeper thank God. Trust me, there was a point I thought I'd be 62 before I got a good night's rest! This morning he even slept until 7:48am, which is about an hour longer than usual. I think he enjoys giving me a little treat every now and again.

Fake crying, he's got it figured out. Or should I say, he's got us figured out. When something doesn't go his way, he's sure to let us know of his disappointment by letting out a fakeish cry that produces zero tears. It used to work, we used to give in. Now we just try to let him feel a little disappoinment, because really, I don't want him to be totally spoiled. Also, little boys have no business playing with paint scrapers, screwdrivers, and hammers, right?

No first steps yet, but we're working on it. If you've ever seen EC crawl, you might agree that he'd come in 1st place in a crawling race competition, so I'm pretty sure he'll stick to the fastest method of getting him from point A to point B. A friend of mine said her husband bribed their little ones with soda, but I'll keep that to myself as not to give Nick any ideas. But I'll keep you posted (ha, get it? posted? I crack myself up, really, I do) on his progress though.

Lastly, here are a couple of things that have never come out of my mouth. Until recently.

"Bath toys don't go in the toilet. Ever."

"Get your finger out of your nose."

"How the heck did you just fall INTO the bathtub?"

"No, you can NOT play with this knife."

"Stop flushing the toilet."

"No, he's not 9 months old, he's 14 months old." Grrrrrrr.

"PLEASE, can't I just pee in private for once?!" (Seriously, unless it's 3am, I do not pee alone. I know I'm not the only mom wishing for a little privacy in the bathroom!)

and my personal favorite....

"Honey, please stop pulling on that." Yeeouch.

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  1. I feel you on the bathroom issue! I wish I could tell you it ends, but no luck so far!

  2. I feel I have said so many of those thing and that is to BOTH kids :)