Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Quickest trip to the Pumpkin Patch ever!

It'd be fun to write about how much fun we had at Walter's Pumpkin Patch this past weekend, but it was absolutely freezing so it was a bust. We knew it'd be cold, but we weren't prepared for the wind chill factor so we snapped a few pictures, pulled EC down a few trails, got some hot chocolate then ran back to our car for some warmth before EC turned into a popsicle. We didn't even buy pumpkins!

Nick and I decided that we'll make a family tradition of driving to Walter's every year, obviously, we'll check the weather first next time. They have a ton of family friendly activities to do and little shops with holiday knickknacks. I'm sure it'd be easy to spend several hours there.

As miserable as EC looks in the pictures, he was actually quite content all cozied up in the wagon (which is normally used for hauling pumpkins, not cold little children). He wasn't in the least bit interested in getting out, and I don't blame him.

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  1. AWWW, so sorry it was so cold for you all. Crazy Kansas weather!!! It IS a fun place. We'll be going back again next year too.

  2. We're taking our boys to the pumpkin patch tomorrow with Nathaniel's preschool class and Rochester weather never proves to be warm and cozy in October so I'm sure we'll be in the same boat! Glad to see you survived it though! Adorable pictures, even all bundled up and frozen! :)