Monday, December 28, 2009

Chatter Box

Here are a couple videos of EC talking on the phone. First to his Nana, then to his Grandma.


She must be telling him something really exciting, judging from all the "oooohh's"!!
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Ours was a Very Merry Christmas!

Christmas Day has already been here and gone, where did the time go?? We had a great holiday this year, it was fun to watch EC open his gifts and afterwards we had family come over to enjoy an early Christmas dinner.

This is the first real taste of snow EC has had, he's intrigued by the white stuff and isn't quite sure what to make of it. He calls it "no". Nick showed him the proper way to roll a snowball and encouraged him to throw it at me.

This was our second attempt to get a photo with Santa. He's just fine with Santa if he doesn't have to sit on his lap, maybe next year will be different.

His very first train track! His big cousin loves trains and has a full size set that EC got to play with but he's happy with the starter track for now. He calls them "choo choos".

Playing with his "choo choos" on his new kid table/chair set he got from Nana, and a cement truck (under table) that came from Great Grandparents "D".

Grandma and Grandpa gave him this horse that hooks up to the TV for fun games. He LOVES hopping on and off it and bouncing up and down to make it sing.

For being an old cat (10 or 11 yrs old), Molly is quite lenient with the cruel treatment she gets from EC. He means well but hasn't mastered the word "gentle" yet. Here he was giving her kisses. He calls her "meow".

EC and Nick hanging out playing with all his new Christmas toys!

I hope you and your family had a wonderful Christmas and will enjoy a Happy New Year! Nick and I are taking off to NYC soon for a mini vacation. EC will be staying here with his Nana and Grandma taking turns watching him. This is the very first time I'll be away from him for longer than a stretch of a few hours. I'm sure the separation will be harder on me than him but I know I'll miss him like mad. He'll have so much fun while we're gone I doubt he even misses us.

We are scheduled to have a sonogram on January 14 to make sure our newest addition is happy and healthy, we're all looking forward to the good news. We're also the impatient type so we'll be finding out the sex of the baby too. This pregnancy is going by too fast (although I couldn't wait for the nausea to end!) and before I know it, we'll have another little baby!

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Monday, December 7, 2009

Holiday Pictures

Packing for our Thanksgiving trip to Missouri. It only took me 6.7 hours to pack with the help of EC.

Nana had her hands full of all her grandbabies on Thanksgiving! They all enjoyed putting together the gingerbread train.

Do you remember this little guy? This photo is from last year, during our Thanksgiving trip to Cincinnati.

Nick and EC taking a break from the rest of the family.

Nana and EC in Zona Rosa shopping center in KC.

The 3 cousins (Nick's sister's kids) sitting nicely for a picture. They had such a good time playing.

I had to click fast, they didn't sit still for longer than a few seconds!

EC loves our Christmas tree, and he's sneaky about pulling off the ornaments!

A baby no more!

Another look down memory lane....Christmas 2008.

Nick and EC putting up outside Christmas lights.

Nick and I LOVE getting kisses from EC, even if he misses!

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Wednesday, December 2, 2009


Ok, I admit it. Yes, I should be fired from this blogging job. I have lost my mojo and I really need a good talking to. This post isn't going to include pictures even though I promised them in my last post. Indeed, another good reason I should be fired.

I have good reason though! To upload pictures to my blog I have to borrow Nick's PC because my camera doesn't play nice with my Mac. And believe it or not, Nick only allows me limited access to his computer because he thinks I download things like "Coupon Printer" and "Save Money, Click Here" programs which fog up his aging PC. Come on, who doesn't like to save some dough? So during the hours of 4:36pm and 4:37pm Monday through Tuesday I am given all access to his PC to load pictures. Is this good enough of an excuse??

I do have some cute pictures to share though, and will work on them sometime THIS year. Promise.

For Thanksgiving, we traveled to Missouri to stay with Nick's sister and her great family. She has two little ones aged 3 and 5 so EC had a blast playing with them both. There was not one dull moment for him, especially since he had so many "new" toys to keep him busy and not to mention, two big kids he could copy. His big cousin is really into trains and EC seems to like them too, so they had fun playing with those.

We had a delicious Thanksgiving meal, Kate really outdid herself. I'm not the least bit embarrassed to say that I had to unbutton my pants after dinner! Truth be told, they were unbuttoned before dinner. Pregnant, remember?

Friday morning we all (Nick, EC, my MIL Beth, and myself) piled into the car and headed for Kansas City for some shopping and to stay the night. An uneventful weekend, but a good time was had by all.

Our Christmas tree, lights and decorations are all up and lookin' good this year. EC was napping when Nick and I put the 7' tall tree in our entryway, so you can imagine his amazement when he came downstairs and saw it. It was a "what in the heck" look, followed by the "can I touch it" look, followed again by the "what in the heck" look. Apparently it's weird to have a tree inside our house.

We went to the mall today in attempt to snag a photo with Santa. I should mention that we've been prepping EC for this day, as I have seen other little kids kicking and screaming while being tossed on the jolly man's lap and I wanted to avoid that with my own little guy. We've been reading Christmas books, saying "ho, ho, ho", and talking about Santa for a couple weeks now.

Looks like we'll have to continue prepping him, it didn't go well. No picture for us this time. Bah-humbug.

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