Monday, December 7, 2009

Holiday Pictures

Packing for our Thanksgiving trip to Missouri. It only took me 6.7 hours to pack with the help of EC.

Nana had her hands full of all her grandbabies on Thanksgiving! They all enjoyed putting together the gingerbread train.

Do you remember this little guy? This photo is from last year, during our Thanksgiving trip to Cincinnati.

Nick and EC taking a break from the rest of the family.

Nana and EC in Zona Rosa shopping center in KC.

The 3 cousins (Nick's sister's kids) sitting nicely for a picture. They had such a good time playing.

I had to click fast, they didn't sit still for longer than a few seconds!

EC loves our Christmas tree, and he's sneaky about pulling off the ornaments!

A baby no more!

Another look down memory lane....Christmas 2008.

Nick and EC putting up outside Christmas lights.

Nick and I LOVE getting kisses from EC, even if he misses!

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  1. EC is such a doll.
    The Christmas tree is a lot of work this year with little ones on the move. Last year was so much easier :)

  2. Loved the pictures! They grow up way to fast.