Friday, January 29, 2010

"Say Cheeeese!"

I used to be a photo-takin' fool, but recently I've had to slow down a little because EC now wants to hold the camera every time he sees it (and gets upset when I don't give it to him). Here are what the photos end up looking like:

Not so cute.

I asked him to say "cheese" before I snapped these pictures, and like a good boy, he listened to his mama. I've included a video too, it cracks me up every single time I see it. Such a ham!


I should think of a different word for him to say, one that doesn't make such a silly face!

EC has been keeping busy in the past few weeks, despite the chilly weather. We've been going to the Y several a week and he has an awesome time there which is a relief for me. I get to work on my growing body knowing he's having a hayday with new toys and little friends in the kid zone. We also get to meet up with our Mom and Tot group a couple times each week, which is a great outing for both of us! We go to story time at a library, a play date at a friend's house, a visit to My Gym for kids, or just out to lunch. His grandparents all live close so we get to visit them often too.

Nick, EC and I got bundled up this morning to enjoy the 4+ inches of newly fallen snow. We had lots of fun, though EC wasn't sure about the whole sledding idea. I say give him a few more tries and he'll fall in love with it. I wished I would have grabbed the camera but I didn't. Next time.

Everything seems to be going smoothly for the newest little boy in our lives. My doctor appointments are very routine, which is just fine with me. I haven't started working on his nursery yet as that room is still occupied by EC, but within a few months we'll start switching out the rooms and move EC to his new one. I'm pretty excited to decorate it though, Nick is handling EC's room so we'll see how they both turn out.

Good times!

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Monday, January 18, 2010

Number 1 and Number 2

If pee and poo isn't your thing then you shouldn't read this. But I promise to keep it short and keep any gory details to myself, ok?

Nick and I bought EC a potty chair a few months ago just to get him used to the idea of eventually going to the bathroom in his own potty. Every now and then we'd let him sit down on it but nothing ever happened. That all changed 2 days ago! He has peed 5 times in his potty now and did the number 2 for the first time tonight! Is it weird that I wanted to blog about this?

Anyway, we're super excited about this new development but know that it'll be quite some time before he's fully potty trained but I believe we're off to a good start. Wouldn't it be awesome for me to get EC out of diapers before the new baby arrived?

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Thursday, January 14, 2010

Pink or Blue?

We had our sonogram this afternoon and the baby looks perfectly healthy!! Yeaaaaah!

After about 5 months of thinking I was carrying a girl, I was told it was a BOY! We couldn't be more excited, and we know EC will have a life long buddy and that puts a huge smile across our faces. I'm also thrilled that I won't have to give away all of EC's clothes and boy toys, this new little guy will have all sorts of gently used things waiting for him.

We told EC he was going to be a big brother to a little brother, and now he's walking around saying "baa baaer" (big brother?). I know he doesn't really understand but it'll be a shock to his system come June!

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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

18 Months (January 4th)

A year and a half have gone by in the blink of an eye. Everyone warned me that the time would fly by and they were correct, it would be so easy to close my eyes and open them fully expecting to see a tiny little boy swaddled up in his blanket fast asleep. Instead, when I open my eyes I see a young toddler who walks and talks and jumps and climbs.

In the past several months, EC has figured out how to assert himself. He knows what he wants and usually knows how to get it. He loves all sorts of toys but has become especially fond of his "choo-choo's". He has 11 teeth, weighs around 20 pounds, is a picky eater, and sometimes has his daddy's temper (oh, lucky me). He can say around 20 words but Nick and I are the only ones who can understand all of them, most of the time. Bath time is a favorite, he is a great sleeper although he wakes around 6am, and so far he's stayed pretty healthy aside from a few colds. He likes Elmo, enjoys helping in the kitchen, cuddles with Molly, winks (with both eyes), whistles (while saying "oooooo"), dances and still loves to be tickled. See?

EC is on the go....constantly. He rarely sits for longer than a few seconds and is happiest when we're out and about. He has recently become aware of other kids playing and really wants to join them no matter their age. He has no idea he'll be a big brother next summer but I think over the months he'll get a clue. Nick and I recently left him for the very first time while we visited New York City, and according to the grandma's he did great!

Happy 18 month birthday, EC! We love you!

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