Tuesday, January 5, 2010

18 Months (January 4th)

A year and a half have gone by in the blink of an eye. Everyone warned me that the time would fly by and they were correct, it would be so easy to close my eyes and open them fully expecting to see a tiny little boy swaddled up in his blanket fast asleep. Instead, when I open my eyes I see a young toddler who walks and talks and jumps and climbs.

In the past several months, EC has figured out how to assert himself. He knows what he wants and usually knows how to get it. He loves all sorts of toys but has become especially fond of his "choo-choo's". He has 11 teeth, weighs around 20 pounds, is a picky eater, and sometimes has his daddy's temper (oh, lucky me). He can say around 20 words but Nick and I are the only ones who can understand all of them, most of the time. Bath time is a favorite, he is a great sleeper although he wakes around 6am, and so far he's stayed pretty healthy aside from a few colds. He likes Elmo, enjoys helping in the kitchen, cuddles with Molly, winks (with both eyes), whistles (while saying "oooooo"), dances and still loves to be tickled. See?

EC is on the go....constantly. He rarely sits for longer than a few seconds and is happiest when we're out and about. He has recently become aware of other kids playing and really wants to join them no matter their age. He has no idea he'll be a big brother next summer but I think over the months he'll get a clue. Nick and I recently left him for the very first time while we visited New York City, and according to the grandma's he did great!

Happy 18 month birthday, EC! We love you!

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