Monday, January 18, 2010

Number 1 and Number 2

If pee and poo isn't your thing then you shouldn't read this. But I promise to keep it short and keep any gory details to myself, ok?

Nick and I bought EC a potty chair a few months ago just to get him used to the idea of eventually going to the bathroom in his own potty. Every now and then we'd let him sit down on it but nothing ever happened. That all changed 2 days ago! He has peed 5 times in his potty now and did the number 2 for the first time tonight! Is it weird that I wanted to blog about this?

Anyway, we're super excited about this new development but know that it'll be quite some time before he's fully potty trained but I believe we're off to a good start. Wouldn't it be awesome for me to get EC out of diapers before the new baby arrived?

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  1. It IS a big deal! Wouldn't it be great if EC is done with diapers before little brother is here! : )

  2. Emerson hasn't even gone that much!!!! Lucky you. Can EC come give Em a few tips?