Thursday, February 18, 2010

Photos and Captions

No picture of ours is complete without a little snotty nose.

I swear he is in-between's all too big or too little.

Enjoying the little bit of sunshine.

On his way to our mailbox.

His job is to wait at the end of the sidewalk while I get the mail.

Pretzels are a favorite treat at our house.

Oh, and so are Oreo's.

Oooey, gooey goodness.

This was Nick's idea of keeping EC busy while I ran to the grocery store. Fine with me, I didn't hear one complaint from either of them when I got back!

This video is proof of why I simply cannot get a good video of him anymore. He just wants to work the camera himself and won't take no for an answer! "Hey, hey hey heeey!"

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  1. His bigger clothes make him look like such a big boy! In that second picture he looks like he is ready for school, playing, whatever!

  2. The pretzel photo is my favorite! He looks so grown up kicked back on the couch munch on some "grindage"! : )