Saturday, March 6, 2010

Posing at the Park and Elmo

Let the sun shine! EC and I had a nice afternoon at the park earlier this week, we even had the entire playground to ourselves. He was such a brave little guy, he went down the big slide all by himself for the first time. What a proud Mama I was, even though I was a bit scared he'd fly right off the end of the slide with no one to catch him!

He even started posing for me as I took a few pictures. The trade-off was that I had to show him each picture after I'd taken it, then he'd run over to another spot on the playground and pose again then come running over to check out my mad photography skills.

We recently discovered shadows, he doesn't like to move his own shadow but he makes me wave at mine all the time.

Any other good mom would insert several fantastic pictures of the Sesame Street Live with Elmo concert we attended today right here in this spot. However, I forgot to charge the camera battery and by the time I remembered, we were at the show sitting front and center with Elmo staring us in the face. Regardless, EC enjoyed the show especially since he LOVES Elmo! We'll go when they are in town again, and I'll be sure to fully charge my memory taker that time.

EC's vocabulary has been blowing up lately, we're pretty excited around here. For the most part, he'll repeat anything you ask him too (which isn't always a good idea!) but also has a plethora of words he uses daily. A few new ones are "pine cone", "cop car", "trash truck" and "crayon". I'm truly floored by how many words he does use, it seems like he picks up a few each day. We still have trouble understanding several and frustration on his part has begun, so Nick and I are trying really hard to listen closely.

Only 3 more months until we're a family of FOUR! Ohmygosh. It hardly seems real but with every kick, flutter and punch I feel in my tummy, I'm reminded that, in fact, it is very real. EC will be a big brother and Nick and I will have two sons, who'da thought? The world will change for all three (four, if you count the new guy!) of us, but one day we'll wonder what we did before we had two little boys screaming and running around the house. Oh never mind, that would be easy....we SLEPT!

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  1. Don't worry, you can catch up on your sleep in about 18 years! : ) Love the photos. What a big boy!

  2. Life with two boys is more fun than any amount of sleep is worth, trust me! Hope you're feeling well! Thanks for sharing more photos of your (current) "little" guy - he's adorable!

  3. Only 3 more months? Wow! Hope you are feeling well! The warm weather probably helps- it's so fun to get outside with the little ones!