Tuesday, April 20, 2010

A box and some imagination...

Sometimes it's the free things in life that bring us the most enjoyment! EC has a new house (obviously decorated by the only female in the house!) and he's been enjoying it for 3 days now. Nick already has plans for his next house. Skulls, crossbones, portholes...apparently my flower boxes just don't cut it.

He noticed the leaky roof!

Since we've taken these pictures, EC has done a little remodeling. He's added a keyhole, a skylight, a mail slot and lots of crayon squiggles. Oh, and a few roommates have moved in. Mr. Frog, White Bear, Brown Bear and the cat, Molly. Seems like a tight squeeze for a home with only 4 sq. feet.

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  1. A little house is so much fun! Great decorating by the way!

  2. What an artist you are, Sherry! LOVE the "STAY OUT (please)" sign! : ) There is just something magical about a cardboard box.

    It was great to run into you at the zoo today. : )

  3. Too precious! Boxes becomes rocket ships around our house ;)

  4. How fun! Boxes are a favorite around our house.