Sunday, April 4, 2010

Easter Day

Nick, EC and I enjoyed a beautiful Easter Day spent mainly outdoors. Our family members that live close traveled out of town so we didn't do a big dinner or anything, but we did have a great day doing a whole lot of nothing!

I'll even admit that I did, in fact, buy everything to make a small Easter dinner but by the time it came to put it together I decided I didn't want to. Fortunately, Nick had no problems with my decision (but that's a whole different subject) so we went to a restaurant and had someone else cook our dinner.

EC was super excited to see the Easter Bunny at Jimmy's Egg, he even gave the bunny a hug immediately. When it came time for a picture, though, he clammed up as usual. Maybe it was because the bunny costume was from the 60's!?

Pink lemonade and a bunny straw, he was so pleased.

Just hanging out in the backyard.

Good penmanship for being 21 months old, don't you think? Who's Alec?

Awwwww, my 2 favorite guys hugging.

Just looking cute.

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  1. Alec??? Is this the new baby's name?

    I love it if so :)

    Sounds like a great Easter!

  2. I like the fire pit. We may steal that idea. Ours needs a re-do.