Wednesday, April 28, 2010

He makes me laugh!

Kids just crack me up, not just mine, but all of them. They say and do the funniest things and usually have no idea how entertaining they actually are.

A little boy about 8 or 9 walked past me at the Y the other day, he stopped, turned around and came back. He had a funny look on his face and said, "You pregnant?" I said I was, thinking maybe his mom was too or something and he was going to tell me about it. Instead he goes, "When will you have your baby then?" I said around June 8th and he replied, "Oh, so you have a year left? That's a long time, good luck!" and he turned around and walked off. It just cracked me up.

Nick and I find ourselves just staring at EC while he's in one of his crazy moods (which is often) and wonder where he gets this humor at such a young age. He is constantly doing random things and I find myself laughing more and more with him, and lots of times at him. Oh, and his favorite show on TV is America's Funniest Home Videos, which is fitting. He calls it the "Uh-Oh Show" and he always laughs at the appropriate times.

Here are a handful of little things that have put a smile on my face recently:

1. EC pulled up my shirt to get a good look at my (growing) belly, and then put his eye right up to my belly button, waved and said, "hiiiiii bruh-er". Right after that he asked me to "open" my belly.

2. EC has a thing for Nick's glasses. The other day he was hanging out in our bed while I was in the bathroom putting my face on, I poked my head out to check on him and he was propped up against Nick's pillow, watching Tom and Jerry, with the remote in his hand and Nick's glasses perfectly placed on his little head.

3. EC has begun to say a few phrases that are just too cute to hear. He started with "what is that thing?" (kinda strung together into one word), and then later, "what's that noise", "here you go", "there it is" "cop car get bad guys" and "again, again please". His little voice is just that...little, so to hear him chatting is lots of fun even when I don't understand one word he just said.

4. He loooooves to have his Daddy shave his face with his toy razor while taking a bath. Nick really takes his time with this and acts like he's concentrating on giving him a good shave, EC just sits so still and stares lovingly into his Daddy's eyes.

5. When giving EC his medicine or vitamins, he insists we give it to Mr. Frog, Mr. Bear, Brown Bear, Molly our cat, his toy horse, Mommy, Daddy, Mr. Frog again, and Mommy again before it's his time to take it. Talk about time consuming!

6. He sings to the baby while patting my belly.

7. He tells us "poo-poo" and points at his bottom, so I take him to the bathroom where he sits on his potty and then just toots and says "all done". Too much information?

8. He is the biggest copy-cat I know. Everything we do, he does. Chopsticks included.

9. His imagination is colorful. We play pretend all the time, we cook, clean, feed stuffed animals, put on kiddie deodorant, drive, go "night night", lift weights, and play zoo animals. He could do this for hours on end.

Seriously though, our kid is a funny little human. As with all little kids, if you just watch them they will simply make you laugh again and again.

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  1. Kids are SO funny. Your stories are TOO cute. He seems like quite the little character! ;)

  2. Such cute little stories! I think it is great to step back and just appreciate what funny little people we have and document it. He is going to be such a proud big brother, you can tell!