Friday, April 23, 2010

The PERFECT hiding spot!

What exactly lures little ones to kitchen cabinets? EC thinks our cabinets are big toy chests, he's constantly dragging out all my pans, bowls, pots, lids and then goes for a whisk and plastic spoons so he can whip up a dish or two. His best meal is soup, he makes Nick and I "taste" it again and again.

After he nearly emptied my entire pan cabinet he took advantage of the space and crawled in with Mr. Frog. He said, "close, close, close" until I shut the door for him and then sat patiently until I had time to locate him. We did this about 1,000 times.

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  1. He's so cute! I love this age. You're such a good Mom to be so patient with his messes.

  2. Seriously, EC is so freakin' cute! That face just kills me! I hope you are doing well! Thanks for brightening my Monday with this adorable post!