Monday, May 24, 2010

Now THAT'S a big belly

One thing I regret not doing when I was pregnant with EC was taking more photos my growing belly. Everyone told me to take them but unless you've got oodles and oodles of self-confidence, it just doesn't happen. Not to mention, I inherited the unphotogenic gene. So pair that with the extra 25-30 pounds I sported (and am sporting now), you'll get a less than desirable picture. But the memories are what count and how you look shouldn't matter, right?

For the record, there are some pregnant women who look stunning their entire pregnancy (did anyone see Heidi Klum?). They gain about 11 pounds and wear their size 2 skinny jeans on the way home from the hospital, they looked perfect in every picture, including the all important "mom with baby immediately after birth" photo. Fortunately, I think there are only a few of these lucky ladies, and for that I am glad. I'll stop beating myself up now.

So, did I learn a lesson and take more pictures this time around? Not really.

However, I did finally manage to bother Nick the other night and ask him to grab a couple snapshots of my biiiiiiig, growing belly at 37 weeks. Here was his idea of taking a couple good pregnancy shots for the ol' scrapbook:

Yeah, thanks for making me feel better about myself and cutting my head off. I feel like these pictures belong in one of those "before and after" stories where the subject's identity must be kept private. Ugh.

So I kindly asked him to try again and he did a little bit better considering what he was working with.

And in case you couldn't locate the actual baby, I thought I'd point it out for you. You're welcome.'s a picture taken in January during our New York vacation. I was around 4 1/2 months pregnant here. Looks like I felt it necessary to point out the baby bump then too.

And here is one more, when I didn't know the camera was on me. Thirty-eight weeks here.

Nick thinks we'll make it to June 4th before we have this little guy (due date is June 8) and my guess is that it'll be sooner. We asked EC which day we'd have the baby and he held up two fingers and said, "two". So we'll mark June 2nd on the calendar too, just in case.

Last doctor appointment showed that he was down way low, getting prepped to make his grand entrance, and making me a member of the Ultimate Frequent Flyer Bathroom Club. If you've been pregnant before can relate to a watermelon sitting right on top of your bladder, not that comfy, I assure you.

Lastly, I'd like to thank Dillon's Grocery store for contributing to my big belly. They supplied me with the best ice cream ever (thanks Grandpa and Grandma "D" for introducing us). I'm positive this ice cream has contributed to my little babe's weight gain. If you haven't taken a moment to try Graeter's Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream, I guarantee you'll fall in love with it, pregnant or not. As EC would say, "nummy!!"

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Water, water, water

Looking for a way to kill an entire afternoon at our house? All we need is a hose and a bucket, and we're set.


Nick and I bought a gigantic inflatable child-sized pool at Toys R Us this weekend. We had one from last year but thought we'd upgrade, and so far EC has enjoyed it. It was a little cool out, judging from his purple lips, but he insisted on playing in the water while shivering.

He kept telling Nick, "Daddy, c'mer, hands, pool, pease!" (Daddy, give me your hands and get in this pool please!) and how could you resist those little chattering teeth and shivering arms?


We also bought a sprinkler, EC wasn't too sure of it at first as you'll see in the video. We tested it out again this afternoon and he definitely warmed up to it quite a bit the second time around.

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Saturday, May 15, 2010

Train Museum and River Festival

EC, Nick and I took a quick trip to the Train Museum this weekend, then stopped by the River Festival for a look around. EC has been to the museum before, but he was too young to really enjoy it so today was a lot more fun for him. He wasn't interested in the least of having his picture taken so you'll notice he isn't looking at me in most of them, but you still get the idea.

Nick and EC:

He was way up high and a little scared of standing there himself:

Checking out the inside of a train:

Standing up on every ledge possible:

Walking through a caboose:

This must have been a conductor chair or something, it was up high:

Exploring the inside of another train:

I don't think this car was part of the exhibit, it was about to fall apart. Leave it to Dad to toss EC inside! Yikes!

After the trains we went down to check out the River Festival. As usual, we just stopped off and bought some artery clogging snacks (things on sticks seemed to be the theme). I didn't take a picture of the funnel cake, but you can be sure it was I who polished it off.

Pictures of people eating are always so flattering, aren't they?

As for other news in our household, the new babe is still working on growing and getting stronger inside my body, which is just fine with me. I am willing to be uncomfortable for the next few weeks if he just decides to hang out and get stronger. My doctor still seems to think this baby is going to be an 8-9 pounder (any larger, then I'll become a bit nervous). The bigger the healthier I guess!

EC has become even more excited to meet his baby brother, he is constantly pulling up my shirt to check on the baby. He's tried to use a spare set of keys in my belly button to "open" my belly, he still sings to him, kisses him and tells him "love you bruh-er". He's even started putting his toys on my shelf of a belly and saying, "here ya go, bruh-er". Adorable. He's going to be such a great brother!

I could write more about some of EC's new little "milestones" and quirks but I'll just save that for another day, when I have more time.

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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

In his Daddy's footsteps

EC loves to clown around wearing Nick's shoes or my flip flops and of course we think it's pretty cute to watch. Maybe you'll think so too.


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