Tuesday, June 29, 2010

A message from your blog author...

Sherry is either:

a) Sleeping (hahahahahahaha! Yeah right.)
b) Nursing a baby
c) Shhhhhing a baby
d) Rocking a baby
e) Swaddling a baby
f) Doing b, c, d, e and f all at the same time while wishing she were doing a).

Therefore, she will be unable to blog. For like, the next 18 years.

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Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Father's Day!

Happy Father's Day...
to the maker of blanket houses
to the giver of shoulder rides
to the expert of upside-down lifts
to the hero of making ouchies better
to the creator of floor games
to the teacher bad habits (yep)
to the deliverer of yummy treats
to the master of the choo-choo game
to the lover of snuggle time
to the daddy of my boys...

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Loads of photos

Here are several photos from the past week. Enjoy!

Ok, this first one cracks Nick and me up! Over the past month EC has insisted on taking a different toy to bed with him nearly each night. This was odd at first because he has always been used to sleeping in a very empty crib, nothing but a the mattress and a blanket. I guess he has gotten attached to some toys! We can't remove anything from his bed without him giving us heck so he's got quite the collection in there. There are even 2 bears and a puppy pillow that you can't see in this picture. And yes, he's such a great sleeper now that I didn't even hesitate to snap a photo with flash. Yeeeeeah!

EC received this "Awesome Big Brother" sticker from one of the mom's in the Mom and Tot group we belong to (who, by the way, supplied our family with meals for an entire week AND gave us several gift cards to local restaurants so that I didn't have to lay a finger in my kitchen for the first couple weeks after having a baby!! Thank you ladies!). EC was proud of his sticker but even more excited about the little toy dump truck that he got as a gift to go with the sticker.

Along with being slightly obsessed with tools, EC is also a fan of the lawn mower. He would gladly trade a chocolate chip cookie in for a ride on the lawn mower with his Daddy any day. The other morning they both went outside to mow and I looked out our small front window to see Nick walking by pushing the push mower. I immediately wondered where EC was since I thought they were on the rider. Next thing I see is EC about 15 feet behind Nick pushing HIS push mower. It was really cute to watch.

While Alec was napping the other day, EC and I got to have some fun playtime. I got out the markers (a special treat in our house) and let him have at it. He thought it was the greatest thing! His artwork is currently on display on our fridge.

I think EC remembers this car seat. It wasn't that long ago that it belonged to him. He sees Alec in it and will let me know that the car seat is his and not his brother's. He likes to crawl into it and pretend he's the baby.

Not long ago, he WAS the baby! See?

Alec had his 2 week checkup a few days ago, and he's a healthy little boy. He's already gained one pound more than his birth weight (8lbs 11oz 47th percentile, 20.25" 30th percentile) and seems to be right on track with everything else. I haven't pulled out EC's stats from his 2 week checkup but I can tell you he was in the 5-10th percentile for weight and height. It's fun to see how these two are similar and how they are different.

So here's what Alec's been up during the daytime hours:

If I had a photo of him crying I would insert it here along with the caption "Here's what Alec has been up to during the night". Maybe his days and nights are mixed up, or maybe he just likes the sounds of the day but either way he seems to sleep a bit better during the day. We'll be working on this and will update in a few weeks! Wish us luck.

My mom bought us this Moses basket, I thought it'd be perfect to take outside while EC plays. It's been quite hot lately so we've only used it a couple of times, but Alec seems to snuggle perfectly right inside.

We think Alec has some pretty strong neck muscles, he's able to lift and turn his cute little head from side to side. I even have proof!

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Thursday, June 10, 2010

One week down!

We've been a family of four for 8 days now and so far things are going well. I apologize that I have no pictures to share today, I promise to make it up to you soon. The problem is that I have a gazillion (that's a million multiplied by a million by my calculations) pictures on my memory card and each time I take new ones and upload them to my computer, it takes for-ev-er!! For some reason it tries to upload ALL of them rather than just the new ones. Anyhoo...

Alec has been such a great little baby thus far, and yes, I'm prepared for the calm to turn into a storm eventually. But I'm taking advantage of it for now. We're still at the point where he sleeps a lot. No more than 3 hours at a time (with a couple exceptions) day and night, and he's feeding fairly well. It's actually a challenge to keep him awake during that time, too.

EC is still handling his new job as a big brother really, really well. He is always looking out for Alec, and asks to "hold it" about 10 times each day. He sings to him, tells him "shhh" when he cries and kisses him constantly. I've sensed zero jealously which is something I was sure he'd feel.

Has anyone else tried to take a toddler and an infant in a car seat to the grocery store? I realize I'm not the only one in the universe who visits the store with 2 small kids, but I must ask...where the heck do you put the groceries!? I had to stop half way through my list because once I shoved the bananas and grapes with Alec in the car seat and the Charmin Mega Pack and Bounty paper towels next to EC in the passenger side of his car cart, I had zero space left. That and the fact EC was hollering at me that he couldn't see...I headed to the checkout.

Have I mentioned I'm having a good time with the boys in my life? I am.

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Friday, June 4, 2010

He's HERE!

We welcomed our gorgeous son into the world on at 2:11am on June 2nd. If you recall, I mentioned that EC told us the date would be "two", and sure enough, he was right!

Our new babe's name is Alec Nicholas, he weighed 7lbs 11oz and was 19.5 inches long. He has dark brown hair (and lots of it!) and his eyes are a dark blue with some brown mixed in.

We've all been home since Thursday afternoon, and dare I say...adjusting to two kids hasn't been as stressful as I thought it was going to be. I'm positive that'll change in time but for now I'm thankful!

Alec is a big time sleeper, waking every 3 hours on the dot to gobble up some milk and then right back to dreamland. He snoozes through all the noise EC makes, which is something I was concerned about. He sleeps in 3 hour stretches through the night as well, so I get some sleep! HOORAY!

Now for some pictures of this gorgeous guy:

EC is the best big brother ever. He always wants to hold Alec, he gives lots of kisses and tells us where all of his body parts are. We haven't sensed any jealousy yet and have been trying to keep him busy, he's adjusted well.

I'm excited to pull out EC's newborn pictures to compare and in my opinion, they both have their own unique looks.

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