Sunday, June 20, 2010

Loads of photos

Here are several photos from the past week. Enjoy!

Ok, this first one cracks Nick and me up! Over the past month EC has insisted on taking a different toy to bed with him nearly each night. This was odd at first because he has always been used to sleeping in a very empty crib, nothing but a the mattress and a blanket. I guess he has gotten attached to some toys! We can't remove anything from his bed without him giving us heck so he's got quite the collection in there. There are even 2 bears and a puppy pillow that you can't see in this picture. And yes, he's such a great sleeper now that I didn't even hesitate to snap a photo with flash. Yeeeeeah!

EC received this "Awesome Big Brother" sticker from one of the mom's in the Mom and Tot group we belong to (who, by the way, supplied our family with meals for an entire week AND gave us several gift cards to local restaurants so that I didn't have to lay a finger in my kitchen for the first couple weeks after having a baby!! Thank you ladies!). EC was proud of his sticker but even more excited about the little toy dump truck that he got as a gift to go with the sticker.

Along with being slightly obsessed with tools, EC is also a fan of the lawn mower. He would gladly trade a chocolate chip cookie in for a ride on the lawn mower with his Daddy any day. The other morning they both went outside to mow and I looked out our small front window to see Nick walking by pushing the push mower. I immediately wondered where EC was since I thought they were on the rider. Next thing I see is EC about 15 feet behind Nick pushing HIS push mower. It was really cute to watch.

While Alec was napping the other day, EC and I got to have some fun playtime. I got out the markers (a special treat in our house) and let him have at it. He thought it was the greatest thing! His artwork is currently on display on our fridge.

I think EC remembers this car seat. It wasn't that long ago that it belonged to him. He sees Alec in it and will let me know that the car seat is his and not his brother's. He likes to crawl into it and pretend he's the baby.

Not long ago, he WAS the baby! See?

Alec had his 2 week checkup a few days ago, and he's a healthy little boy. He's already gained one pound more than his birth weight (8lbs 11oz 47th percentile, 20.25" 30th percentile) and seems to be right on track with everything else. I haven't pulled out EC's stats from his 2 week checkup but I can tell you he was in the 5-10th percentile for weight and height. It's fun to see how these two are similar and how they are different.

So here's what Alec's been up during the daytime hours:

If I had a photo of him crying I would insert it here along with the caption "Here's what Alec has been up to during the night". Maybe his days and nights are mixed up, or maybe he just likes the sounds of the day but either way he seems to sleep a bit better during the day. We'll be working on this and will update in a few weeks! Wish us luck.

My mom bought us this Moses basket, I thought it'd be perfect to take outside while EC plays. It's been quite hot lately so we've only used it a couple of times, but Alec seems to snuggle perfectly right inside.

We think Alec has some pretty strong neck muscles, he's able to lift and turn his cute little head from side to side. I even have proof!

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  1. Adorable! Alec is a cutie. You'll have to tell me more about how you like that Moses basket over time... I've always thought of trying one. LOVE the first picof EC and the toys. I mean, who doesn't sleep with a golf club and a wrench? HA!

  2. Wonderful pictures. My favorite is the first because, as you know, I LOVE sleeping baby pictures!! There is nothing cuter!

  3. I love all the pictures, look at EC's chubby little legs when he was a baby. so cute, and so is Alec in that Moses basket