Friday, July 2, 2010

1 Month Old

Guess what? Alec is already 1 month old! My camera is on the fritz so here are some pictures from my phone:

Alec, you are one month old today and though everyone says this, I'll say it went by sooo fast!

Since we brought you home you have most definitely found your voice and you have a say in just about everything that goes on. You sleep quite a bit, but when you're out! You don't like the swing, the vibrating seat, the boppy pillow, the floor, your bed, anywhere. You are content in someone's arms but only for a short time, or until you fall asleep. Your brother was very different in this aspect, he could chill in his swing for hours if I let him!

You get lots of love from EC, he is always giving you slobbery kisses. He likes to hold you and hasn't really gotten too jealous. If you sneeze, he's quick to say, "Bess you, Alec" and if you cry for a long time he'll be the first to say, "Stop it, Alec". He is very patient with you though, and endures car rides sitting right next to you while you scream bloody murder (riding in a car is hit or miss with you, you either love it or hate it) and will just look over at you and tell me, "Alec crying, Alec hungry".

You are still figuring out how to sleep well at night. Last night you were awake from 12:30am-4am. And you weren't happy about it either. However, you've also had a few good nights, 4 or 5 hour stretches of sleep. Admittedly, this is the hardest part of having a baby and I know we'll have lots of ups and downs in the sleep department but I'm keeping my fingers crossed we can come up with a good compromise soon!

You enjoy bath time, you soak through diapers like no one's business, you wear size 1 by the way. You weighed 8lbs 11oz at your 2 week appt so I imagine you weigh around 10lbs by now. You are iffy about taking a pacifier, I wished you would to help settle yourself down. You wear mostly your big brother's hand me downs, and it's all size 0-3 month. Your eyes are a gorgeous blue just like EC's, and we hope they stay that way.

You're one of the lucky ones to have been blessed baby acne all over your face and a bit on your arms. You also have cradle cap, but it's a good thing you've still got lots of hair to cover it up a little!

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  1. Wow! Has it really been 1 month already?!?! I LOVE the naked sleeping picture. : ) Hope you get some rest soon.

  2. a WHOLE month already?!?!? that was fast, too fast! kiddo be good to your mommy and your mommy will be good to you! :) have a great fourth!

  3. Too sweet, although I'm sorry sleep is so hard to come by! I love how he's getting those cute little baby fat rolls! ;) It was good to see you at the library last week although I'm always sorry that I don't get to gab too much when I have two very active children and a newborn with me! We'll have to schedule a playdate since you're so close and let the kids run around outside downstairs or outside together.