Monday, July 5, 2010


Our sweet, loving, happy, talkative, emotional, demanding, intelligent, gentle, sleepy little boy turned 2 years old yesterday. My camera is in El Paso, TX being fixed (don't drop your camera on concrete) so I have no pictures of the party to post.

Five days old:

One year Birthday:

TWO years old!

We kept his birthday very low key this year, just invited grandparents and a niece and nephew over to our house for a little lunch, cake and ice cream. EC was very happy with his great gifts he received. He got lots of tools, a tool bench, a semi-truck with a billion cars in it, a Kawasaki 4-wheeler, a Radio Flyer scooter and a few other little toys.

I know I've written about a lot of EC's milestones he's reached this past year so I'll try not to repeat them again, though I LOVE having this blog to look back on as I'll surely forget these things in time to come.

During the past year EC has obviously grown and become a little boy, no longer my baby. He is an inquisitive little boy, always wanting to know what that sound was, or who that person is, or what that thing is. He's got a huge imagination, we are always playing pretend (as I write this, he is making me a peanut butter sandwich out of his horseshoe play set). He's very talkative and is pretty easy to understand most of the time, for us anyhow. He is able to talk in choppy sentences and seems to get the hang of language more each day.

EC knows most all his colors and can point to the letter "o" in any book (great, only 25 more letters to go). He has a special way of counting, too. It goes like this, "two, free, two, free". Ask him how old he is now and he'll usually say "one" while wrestling with his fingers to get only 2 of them to stick up. Good thing we have a whole year to work on that. He has a couple picture books and easily names every picture, along with the color. I think he's getting bored with Nick and I quizzing him nightly on these, we have both witnessed an eye roll or two when we pull the books down.

He no longer wants to snuggle before bedtime, but almost always wants to in the morning. He has a slight obsession with tools right now, constantly asking where his hammer, saw, or screwdriver is. He has the BEST sense of humor, and cracks himself (and us) up all the time. Potty training has begun, but we still have a ways to go before we're done.

EC is still our "little" guy, he weighs about 22lbs, which is how much he's weighed for months. He's not necessarily a picky eater, he just doesn't eat a lot. He does love fruits, is okay with most veggies but would eat chips and french fries for the rest of his life if it were up to him. He wears mostly 12-18mo clothes, talk about saving money on his wardrobe! At this rate he'll be wearing the same summer clothes for 3 years straight.

The terrible 2's haven't really kicked in (yes, I am knocking on everything wooden in our house right this second), though we definitely have our share of tantrums. There may be a bit of jealously about Alec surfacing, but it hasn't been too bad. EC sleeps comfortably in his big boy room downstairs (far, far away from our room...sniff, sniff), and generally sleeps from 8pm-6:30am. He sleeps right through a baby crying and because his room is directly below Alec's, he also sleeps through the creaking of the wood floors as I make 3-58 trips into his room each night.

EC has brought so many smiles and laughs and especially love into our home. Nick and he have a great father-son bond which grows more each day, and of course, EC and I are best friends. We have been so lucky to have 2 happy, healthy little boys under our roof and we look forward to the next hundred years (give or take) with them!

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  1. Happy, happy birthday! I feel your camera misery. :( Looking forward to meeting that little guy once we get back, too!

  2. Happy Birthday!!! Such a sweet post. ;)

  3. I saw all those fireworks last night, I bet they were all for your birthday, EC! Happy birthday!

  4. Aww, happy birthday, sweet boy! I can't believe what a LITTLE BOY he's become! I'm glad he had a great birthday. We were thinking about him yesterday! Hope you're all doing well and that we'll get to see you soon!

  5. Isn't it FANTASTIC that EVERYONE celebrates your birthday, TOO?!?!? Happy Birthday, EC! You will grow and change SO MUCH this year! : )