Saturday, August 14, 2010


Alec is the most demanding little baby I know. I have proof. Just the other day he said, "Mom, can you take a few pictures of me? Like, now?" Ummm, ok sure. Since you asked so nicely and all. Then he made me change his outfit, clean the dried milk off his face, comb his curly-Q on the top of his head and trim his nails. 

Alec's words are blue and mine are red. 

Awww, what a cute picture. Here, look.  
Do over, Mom. This time leave the pillow out of the shot.
Sure thing, Sweetie pie.

How 'bout this one, Sugar?
C'mon Mom, what's up with my shirt? Is it supposed to look like a tube top?

Ok, no pillow in the shot and your shirt is where it belongs. Better?
My hair looks funny, where did it all go? Is that spit up on my shirt? Wardrobe change! Oooh, oooh, oooooh, there's EC. Take our picture together!

Awww, that's adorable. You guys are so cute.
Take it again, and tell EC to look at the camera this time.

Perfect. Will this one work?
Could you tell EC that he doesn't have to say "CHEEEEEEESE" every single time? 
Oh Pumpkin, EC just likes to smile in his pictures, unlike some other person I know.

After I made that comment, Alec wouldn't talk to me for hours. He must have gotten over it because he asked me to take his picture again a few days later. And since he was such a ray of sunshine last time, how could I resist?

Ok, sit still honey. There, that's a good pose. Now smile.
Am I leaning to my right a little? I feel like I'm leaning to my right.
No, no, you're fine. Your head is big (like all baby's heads, don't get a complex) and it probably just feels like you're leaning to your right. Now smile!

Oh dear...
Whooaaaaa....!! Leaning! Leeeeeeaning!!

Thanks for nothing, Mom. A little help up would be great. If you'd just stop taking pictures and put your camera down. 

By now he was ticked.  See:

Yes, I'm ticked, and you should be fired. Told ya I was leaning to my right.

How about you lay down, that'll be much safer.

My right side is my good side, don't you think?  Do I look fat in this shirt? I hope so.

Can I please have just one picture of you smiling? Just one?
Here, I'll smile with my eyes. CHEEEESE. That's all I got, ok?

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  1. Love it! He is such a cutie!

  2. OMG You are SO FUNNY! Thanks for the laugh! I loved it and I'm sure Alec will too when he's older! ;)

  3. The boys are very cute, but their mom is just TOO FUNNY! ; ) Thanks for the laugh. It's a nice way to wake up.

  4. Haha! What a great post! What a funny baby :) And a total cutie.

  5. You are too funny and he is too cute. I LOVE the hair in the little curl on top of the head and I love the way he looks at the camera and you can almost tell what he is thinking!

  6. This is fantastic! Just what my Tuesday morning needed...a little snorting, er, I mean...LAUGHING! :) Your boys are adorable!!