Thursday, August 19, 2010

He's so crafty

When Ethan is in his Kid's Day Out program, he gets to make a craft each week. He's usually pretty nonchalant about his art but I hang each one on the fridge like it's a masterpiece. I hated the idea of throwing these things away because it seems so wrong, but there's no way I can keep everything! So I stole an idea from some friends of mine. Take a picture of him with his art and then tossing it.
A rainbow of some sort

Stary night with a fire

A colorful fish

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  1. Nice artwork EC!!

    Yes...take a picture & toss them later. We did keep some in a box from Easton's 1st & 2nd year of preschool. It's hard! We also used to take a monthly one so you can watch them grow!

    Hang them all on the fridge each month. Then take the monthly shot of all the art work and EC. It's fun to watch their artwork improve and them grow!

  2. Love this system- we have really got to get it going. Doesn't their little artwork just melt your heart??

  3. He is grown so much! It hard to keep it all and even harder for me to pitch it.