Wednesday, August 25, 2010


Hooray! I finally bought a new camera and am going crazy taking pictures. Here are some very recent ones. EC wouldn't go down this twisty slide himself, and since Alec was strapped to me in his baby carrier, Nick had to slide down with him. 

A little help from Dad

Would it be cheesy if I said "Life is a walk in the park"?

We love this park. As you can see, it's so pretty! We would have stayed longer but EC told us he had to go to the bathroom and the one thing about this park is that it doesn't have a bathroom. So we hightailed it home... right after we stopped to grab a pizza for dinner.

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  1. Beautiful pics! What kind of camera did you buy?

  2. Those pictures are beautiful! Wow. That father/son pic is stunning. You'll have to get that one framed! Having a potty-trained/training kid is nice but it can be slightly inconvienent sometimes. Is is too much to ask that a park for children have a bathroom? Probably so. Even if they had one we probably wouldn't want to use it- those gross, neglected park potties! Yuck!

  3. Hi, Sherry! What a beautiful family you have! Your mom gave me this address, and I'm greatly enjoying it!!! Too funny...too cute...too REAL!!! You have turned into a wonderful momma! :)

  4. Two things: Great photos! And the one of you and the boys walking look FABULOUS! Way to go, Mama!