Monday, August 2, 2010

Two Months Old

Alec is TWO months old today, can you believe it?! We went to his doctor appointment this morning and he's a healthy little boy. The doctor confirmed his lungs were in good shape, he heard him screaming from the other side of the building...and that was before he got 3 shots into his fat thighs. Anyway, here are my little (big?) guys stats:

12lbs 10oz (68%)
22 1/5" (33%)

So while he's gaining weight and getting longer, he's also losing something. His hair! He still looks cute though, especially with those waves of curly hair right on top of his head. He continues to be a good sleeper at night (last night he only woke up ONCE between 7:30pm-7am) and still takes several naps during the day. Those are a challenge on the days EC has extra energy though, Alec likes peace and quiet when he sleeps and EC can't seem to find his volume controls lately.

I still don't have my camera back from the place I mailed it to be fixed (one month ago!) and to be perfectly honest, I'm not sure I'll be getting it back. That's a whole 'nother story, one that I won't go into because frankly, it's embarrassing. I will say this though...don't ever send your camera and $79 to a "repair shop" in Texas before you thoroughly read each and every review you can find on the Internet.

I've had to use my iPhone to take pictures and it's pretty obvious that the iPhone is a phone first and a camera last.

2 Months Old and 363 Months Old

Someday he will smile!

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