Monday, September 27, 2010

Autumn & Art and Flight Festival

Nick and I took the boys to Autumn & Art in Bradley Fair last weekend. We weren't sure what to expect but I read that there would be fun things for kids to do, food, and of course, some art to check out. It was very hot, but we made the best of it. EC was excited to have his face painted. He chose a cat and thought that was pretty cool.

The Wichita Flight Festival was this past weekend so I thought it'd be fun to go (I've lived here for over 20 years and have never been).  I'm positive it would have been much more enjoyable if we weren't stuck in traffic for 40 minutes then schlepping 2 little kids, a stroller, a heavy diaper bag, a sling chair, a waterproof blanket and ourselves all the way from the grassy field we parked to a school bus that shuttled us to the gate and then to the area where all the events were taking place. Am I complaining? I'm sorry. Had we actually been prepared for the length of time it took just to get there we would have adjusted our load and timing a bit but it was still fun.

Anyway, we didn't stay long due to tired kids but what we did see was enjoyable. I didn't get but a few pictures because I was holding Alec most of the time, but EC really liked looking at the airplanes that they had for show. He liked the smoke that came out of the ones flying and thought the Stealth Bomber looked like a big black bird.
One of the many planes on display
Checking out the back of a helicopter
Sitting in the front of a helicopter
Pizza break
He took the popcorn and made a run for it!
To see some really great shots of the air show, check out Diane's blog here. Hope you don't mind me sharing your blog Diane but you have some really great pictures of the stunts!

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  1. That is a big bag of popcorn! It's great that you are getting out with EC and the baby and enjoying some local events. I would love to say we made it to either of these, but we didn't. :( They both looked like a lot of fun, though! Maybe next year, right?