Saturday, September 18, 2010

The Mice Will Play

EC is having a hard time learning to share his toys with Alec, so Alec has had to take matters into his own little hands. Alec can count on EC taking a nap every day from 1-3pm, so the sneaky little devil has taken it upon himself to play with EC's things without his big brother's knowledge. Here is how he spent 2 hours of his day.

Alec always has his eyes on EC's red bean bag but always hears, "No Alec, that's EC's, OFF!" But not this time! Who needs a Boppy pillow when there's a bean bag laying around?
Unless EC notices all the drool that landed on his tools, he'll have no clue that Alec and I played with them while we watched an episode Holmes on Homes

While Alec was belting out some classical tunes, he heard the stair steps creek and thought his big brother was awake. Notice the deer in the headlights look on his face? Luckily, it was a false alarm so he went back to his jamming session.

I'm pretty sure he's thinking, "...and all I get is milk? This ain't right."

Alec has had his eyes on EC's shoes for weeks and wanted to take them for a stroll.

But since he can't walk (or stand for that matter) he chose to sit down and admire his new shoes.

Next up...the coveted remote control AND EC's sippy cup. Alec was in heaven! One more episode of Yo Gabba Gabba and he was going to puke, so he decided on something more his speed...COPS

Time to check big brother's emails. What a little sneak.

Of all of EC's prized possessions, the car seat was by far Alec's favorite, he didn't want to leave. I had to coax him back inside by telling him I'd let him play with all of DADDY's toys tomorrow. Worked like a charm, he knows Dad has some pretty cool things.

After having the best 2 hours of his life, Alec knew EC would wake any moment so he quickly assumed his usual spot so EC would be none the wiser. 

Oh hey there, how was your nap? I've been sooo bored.

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  1. Ha! That was hysterical. He is one sneaky baby. And he and I share a love for "Holmes on Homes." and COPS.

  2. That was so cute! Sharing is a fun thing at 2 years old :)

  3. So hilarious- especially the shoe one and the computer one! And so true- those poor second children. They are never allowed to play with their sibling's things yet their sibling is always allowed to play with theirs! I'm so glad I was first born... :)