Monday, October 25, 2010

Saint Joseph is buried in our yard! Really.

Apparently I caught a few of you off guard with my last post about moving.  Sorry about that! Truth be told, this decision was made rather abruptly (just ask our parents!), however, it's something that's been on our minds for a long time now, we just didn't know when we'd pull the trigger.  I'll spare you the details and just say that Nick is expanding his business to the Kansas City area.  I've heard all good things about KC (Diane, don't you spoil this for me!) and am looking forward to all the fun things they have to offer.

Now if we can sell our home, we'd be on our way!  My mother-in-law loaned us a statue of St. Joseph to bury in the yard, she claims it worked for her 1,048 moves in the past. Am I the only person who'd never heard of this?  I thought she was crazy (not really) but then I googled it and sure enough, it's legit. Well, as legit as old folklore's can be.

St. Joseph is the patron of home and family in the Catholic religion and supposedly when a statue of him is buried in your yard, you will sell your home rather quickly.  I found about 80 different ways you're supposed to bury him. Upside-down, facing the road, 12 feet deep, looking towards the west, on his back, with a picture of Angelina Jolie, on and on. I'm pretty sure EC just tossed him in the hole, so we'll see what happens.  If the home down the street sells soon then we'd better reposition him!

Until then, if you or someone you know is looking for a newly remodeled home built in the 50's with hardwoods throughout and a fabulous kitchen then let me know!

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  1. You have a beautiful home with tons of character! Good luck selling your home!

  2. Again, you are mirror imaging my life...two boys, selling/moving with a little one, I feel a bond with you from hundreds (thousands?) of miles away!! Best of luck to you as you take on this (gigantic!) all sounds so exciting so don't let the hard work that's involved bring you down!

    P.S. I don't know what's going on with my blog but thanks for keeping in touch...not sure if I should be doing something to "fix it" on my end, but when in doubt, you can always email me

  3. Good luck on everything Sherry. We sure will miss you.