Saturday, October 23, 2010

Yes, we're still here...for now.

It seems I've been MIA from the blog lately, probably because we've had a lot going on these past few weeks! In case you hadn't heard yet, we are planning a move to Kansas City and getting our house ready to sell is a full time job, and keeping it clean for showings is nearly as time consuming.

But tonight I took a break from scrubbing toilets and mopping floors and took some pictures instead. Much more fun.

The boys were in their pj's and almost ready for bed when I snapped away.

Sitting up in the bumbo chair
Laying on the floor
Sitting up with help
EC wearing his paper bag mask Nick made
He's saying, "NO pictures, Mommy!"
EC helping Alec with his toy
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  1. What?!?! I leave town for awhile, and you decide to move?! I'll be emailing you soon for details, but I sure hope you're still there when I get back to Wichita :(

  2. Yes, I have been wondering where you were!!! So, what's prompting this move? We need details!! :)

  3. What?!?! What takes you to KC?

  4. KC, huh? We moved HERE from THERE... where in KC are you heading? We're sure going to miss you in the plains!

  5. Adorable're moving??? Inquiring minds want to know Sherry! ;) Not sure where in KC you are headed but my friend is the organizer of a great meetup moms group up there and they do some really fun things!

  6. Your boys are gorgeous! How do you not lose yourself in their eyes! Alec has grown up so much...what a handsome little guy!