Tuesday, November 2, 2010

5 Months

Here we go again, another month has gone by and I wonder how it went so fast. Sigh...

Alec has really blossomed this past month, he's become quite curious about the world around him. He, of course, still enjoys watching EC's every single move (I'm in trouble in a few years!) and has also mellowed out tremendously. The only time he seems to fuss is if he's hungry or tired, other than that, he's made friends with his car seat and has come to terms with playing alone while I grab a shower or make dinner or clean my house for the umpteenth time.

He goes to Kid's Day Out every Wednesday for a few hours and seems to really enjoy the ladies there.  There is one lady in particular who cuddles and feeds him every week, they seem to have created a little bond and it's sweet.

Alec is a no nonsense type baby, he smiles frequently but doesn't let out many giggles (yet). He likes to hold rattles, reach for toys and has managed to roll over both ways (only one time each though). He still dislikes tummy time and barely tolerates bath time. He is a massive drooler and wears a bib all the time just to keep his clothes dry. No teeth yet. A lot of his hair has fallen out but I finally see some new growth so eventually he'll have a full head of curly dark hair!

His nighttime sleep routine has been all over the place for the past several weeks, and I'm blaming it on his irritated skin that has got to itch all the time. The little baby who used to consistently sleep in 6-8 hour stretches now sleeps in 3-4 hour stretches.  But we'll get over this hump just as we did when EC was a baby and eventually I'll hardly remember feeling like a zombie every day. Hopefully.

Happy 5 Month Birthday, Alec!

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