Monday, November 22, 2010

First Food

I had intentions of waiting until Alec was exactly 6 months old before introducing food, however, he can't keep his eyes off my food. I felt horrible with each bite, as he sat there salivating, wondering when he'd get some yummy goodness. I even had to hide a couple snacks from him, his little eyes just screamed, "I WAAANT THAT, GIMME GIMME!"

Needless to say, I think he was a bit let down with is first real bite. Poor guy had his hopes up, I'm pretty sure he was thinking of eating fried mozzarella sticks, pizza, brownies, cinnamon rolls. But nope. I came at him with what looked like porridge. Plain ol' run of the mill, porridge. There was no excitement in this first meal for him, but I told him it'd get better. Be patient little man, you gonna love tomorrow's beans!

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  1. Ditto here on introducing foods! Baby A keeps following my fork with her eyes, so we've been working on rice cereal. She is making similar faces...