Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Question and Answer with EC

He says the funniest things, and I love it! Below are a few of my favorite things EC will say, and a question and answer session we had the other morning.

Where's my stool step? (I can see why he'd call it a stool step, he uses it to get on his toilet)
You got pony hair today? (pony tail)
I want more flower peanuts. (sunflower seeds)
Oh my goooodness!! (with hands over his mouth for effect)
Mom, I need to get up now. (all serious, in the mornings)
I bought a car, Wal-Mart for four-hundred bucks. A pink one.
I need somp-ting. I don't know what.
What Alec's deal?? (whenever Alec is crying)
Mama, you happy?
Mama, stop talking. Pway wif me!
That's yummy in my tummy!
Set timer for 2 minutes! Two minutes! (for everything...potty time, bath time, night time)
Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? (ohmygosh!)

What's your favorite color:  Red
What's your favorite letter: D
What's your favorite number: 6
What's your favorite animal: Giraffe
What's your favorite food: Noodles
Do you love your brother: Yeah. I wuv my friends, Papa, Dakota, Andrew.
Do you have a favorite book: Yep. Fireman slide down the pole, hurry up!! (makes siren sounds)
Do you have a favorite cartoon: Charlie Brown pumpkin show (he's watched this at least 7 times)
How old is your daddy: 4
How about your mommy: 6
Can you say the alphabet: Uh-huh! T-O-P-A-B-C now won't you sin wiff me.
What's your favorite toy: My shaver, like daddy's.
What do you like doing with mom: Going to park, outside.
What about dad: Going park, can we go to park now mom? I wanna go to the paaaaaaarrk!!
Do you know the names of your cousins? Shakes head yes.
Who are they? Mawory (Mallory), Gavin, Dakota, Papa, Grandma, my dad.
How old is Alec: Him Big Bird
How much do you weigh: 15 pounds (oh so close!)
Do you have a favorite dessert? I want some candy, can I have some candy? Caaaandy pwease!
Can you count to 10: No, I fast. (Uh, ok then. For the record, his counting usually goes like this: One, Two, Free, Six, Sepen, Nine, Thirteen, Sixteen)

Giving me the grouchy face.

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  1. All my kids see is pony hair around here! :)
    That is so cute, fun to capture this moment in time, isn't it? I was just thinking the other day I need to do something like this or at least get my video camera out and try to capture the magic of little people talk. EC seems very smart and very to the point on everything! So cute...

  2. HA! Love it, love it, love it! I SO wish I had thought to interview my little ones when they were at that SO cute stage. Not sure it would be much fun now. ;)

  3. I love this...mind if I steal your questions to ask my 4-year-old? This is a great way to capture their innocence! Fantastic!