Monday, December 27, 2010

Our Christmas

Leave it to me to not take one single picture of Christmas morning at our house! I did video record it all though, just no still pictures. EC woke up around 7:30 and when he walked into the living room to see all the gifts he just looked at them in amazement and said, "Ooooh my gooooodness." He saw that Santa had eaten his cookies and drank his milk, then was ready to open gifts. Santa delivered on the promise to bring a dump truck and EC was thrilled. A train track set, some underwear, new pj's and a few stocking stuffer's later he was done and ready to PLAY! 

After naps we packed up the kids and made the short drive to Nana's house. EC and Alec played and open a few more gifts. Alec received his very own chair (EC already has one!) and EC got some books, a fishing game, an adorable sweater and a couple other things. 

My parents came over the Thursday before Christmas to celebrate. The kids were thrilled to have them over, EC kept them busy as always. He received a bunch of goodies; a stick pony, Uno Moo, sticker books and a few other items. Alec got a singing puppy, some bath toys and some movies.

Shortly after we put the kids to bed Saturday night, I took the tree down. For as much as I love Christmas, I'm always just as excited to remove it from my house. It didn't help that our tree was 100% dead and there were more needles on the floor than on the tree.

EC playing at his Nana's, he LOVES this fishing game!

Alec staring at the food. 

Alec and Nana having a moment. (Yes, his diaper is busting out of his outfit)

Making sure his name is spelled correctly on his new chair.

Chilling by the fire.

Oh yeah, guess who got a haircut?!  Didn't mom and dad do a good job?

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Sunday, December 26, 2010

Pictures of Brothers

I love taking pictures of these 2 guys together (it's not that obvious, is it?), I just imagine them 20 years from now and hope they will always be best buddies.  I know EC looks forward to Alec being able to walk and interact with him more. Right now, Alec thinks EC is the funniest guy on the planet. He gets such a kick out of the funny faces and noises EC makes. EC, however, is probably wondering when Alec's parent's will come and pick him up. I'm not convinced he totally understands that Alec is very much a permanent fixture in our house. 

The color of these pictures remind me of the 60's. I love it.

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Friday, December 24, 2010

Merry Christmas!

It's Christmas Eve already and we're looking forward to tomorrow. It seems like the month of December has flown by at record speed, nonetheless, it's nearing the end and in the blink of an eye it'll be 2011. 

Here is the picture of the finished Santa craft we started at the beginning of the month:

Remember the photo strike I told you about?


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Wednesday, December 22, 2010


Sometimes we get so caught up in our own problems that we forget about those with even bigger problems. I'm guilty. The trivial things like losing my comb, running out of milk at 7am, running on a few hours of sleep or dealing with a dead car battery are things some people only wish they had to deal with.

This morning as I was reading through my blog roll I came across a post from the "Finnegan Begin Again" blog about a little boy named Matthew, 11 years old, who is dying. HERE is the link if you'd like to read her short post and watch the video link. I have a card ready to go in the mail today, maybe it'll reach him before Christmas. If you have a minute, maybe you can pop a card in the mail for him too? And even if you don't, send warm thoughts to Matthew and his family.

Please hug your kids a bit tighter (and longer if they aren't stinky) and when you find yourself stressing about the small things in life, like I do so often, try and focus on all the good in your life. We've got a lot to be thankful for, or at least I do.

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Sunday, December 19, 2010

Santa, Santa, Everywhere!

Christmas in our house is a bit more exciting this year than last, simply because EC is pretty excited about Santa, Christmas lights and the zillion Christmas shows on each night. He was even looking forward to sitting on the jolly guy's lap. Twice! 

The Mom & Tot group we belong to held their annual Holiday party last night. EC had a really good time playing with some friends, eating a great dinner and visiting with Santa.

He told Santa he'd like a dump truck and agreed to mind his mom and dad. As we were leaving he wanted to know where Santa's "sled" was. Ha!

As for Alec...not so much. Once he caught a glimpse of the beard, he was done. The picture makes for a funny greeting card though, and if I were creative then I'd be able to come up with a funny caption, but I'm not. So I won't. You're welcome. 

A couple weeks ago we saw Santa in the mall. All went well! When we were finished with Santa we ate lunch at the mall and EC was desperate to know where the reindeer's ate their lunch. 

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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Elf Yourself

I don't know why, but this never gets old (for me, anyway).


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Friday, December 10, 2010

Baby Santa

Faster than you can say "Baby Santa"...






He's watching, so you'd better be good.

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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Random Pictures

If just ONE of them looked at the camera, smile or not,  I considered it a successful photo. I bribed EC with a candy cane just to get him to sit still with his brother for 1 minute, he's completely over having his picture taken. Fortunately, Alec has another year or so before he realizes what I'm doing so I may just have photos of him from now on.  Wait a second, I have about 30 mini candy canes left...

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Friday, December 3, 2010

Little Lad in the Leaves

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Santa Calendar

EC and I made a Christmas craft and thought we'd share. We printed out our Santa here, colored him in, and then every morning we glue a cotton ball to his beard. By December 24th his beard will be completely full and we'll have a craft to hang up next year. This fun project also helps EC understand how long until Santa will visit his house!  

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Thursday, December 2, 2010

Month Six

One half of a year. Oh my goodness! In a couple month's time it'll be official...I will no longer have a newborn, an infant nor a baby. Nope, he'll be approaching the toddler phase before I can count to 10.

I guess this is what happens though. You have babies and they grow up.

Anyway, Alec had his 6 month checkup this morning and I'm pleased as punch to report he's doing all the things he should be doing, is healthy with the exception of a minor ear infection, and can take 4 shots to the thigh like a grown woman (I would say "man" but we all know who can handle pain better).

He weighed in at 18lbs 1oz (61%), was 26 inches long (33%) and has a normal size noggin. Atta boy, Alec!

From month 5 to month 6, Alec:
*has grown in his first 2 teeth
*has learned how to easily roll over from his back to belly
*started sleeping much better (last 3 nights have been awesome, knock on wood)
*grabs, grabs, grabs for anything in front of him
*is close to sitting up all by himself
*started to giggle a little more, but only when EC makes this God-awful throat noise sound. Weird.
*started solid foods and will easily chow down a full container of baby food in one sitting. 
*wears size 6-12 month clothes (careful, you're gonna catch up with your brother too quickly!)

My big chuck of love is so much fun, and as adorable as can be. He enjoys watching the action rather than being a participant and he is still so intrigued by his big brother. My absolute favorite time of day is when I'm rocking him before bedtime with his limp little body cuddled up in my arms, listening to his soft little snore. I wouldn't trade it for a thing.

Ok, maybe I'd trade it for both of my little chucks of love sitting on my lap, fast asleep, snoring, but I'll take what I can get.

Happy half birthday, little man. Mommy and Daddy love you to bits.

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