Friday, December 3, 2010

Santa Calendar

EC and I made a Christmas craft and thought we'd share. We printed out our Santa here, colored him in, and then every morning we glue a cotton ball to his beard. By December 24th his beard will be completely full and we'll have a craft to hang up next year. This fun project also helps EC understand how long until Santa will visit his house!  

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  1. That is so cute. I am going to have to do that with my kids!

  2. Cool! We have an advent calendar but that would be awesome to have, too- Big Boy wakes up every day thinking it's Christmas.

  3. I just built a countdown to Christmas chain (tear one ring off each day leading up to Christmas) and Nate worked so hard on it he doesn't want to tear any rings off so I might steal this as a Plan B. Awesome idea!!