Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Just one of many blogs I love

Yes, I'll admit it.  I'm a blog stalker, and proud of it!  I really do enjoy keeping up with friends and their families that I don't see on a daily basis. Getting a small peep into someone else's life is fun.  It's sorta like reading a book for a few minutes, you can forget about the million and a half things you've got in your life and just read about someone else's life.

Anyway, one of the blogs I stumbled upon many, many months ago is called The Extraordinary Ordinary. I do not know the author, Heather, outside of the blogging world, but she writes beautifully and it's easy to feel like you've known her for years, she's very down to earth.  She shares her life struggles of being a mother to 2 active little boys, her recent decision to come out of the "I'm an alcoholic" closet,  her road to recovery and she's also great (self-taught?) photographer.

In one of her recent posts, she talks about how her and her husband finally made the decision to take away their 3 1/2 yr old's pacifier (no, she makes no excuses for continuing to give her nearly 4 yr old a paci!) and how in parenting, you just have to roll with the punches.  She gives this bit of advice to new parents (which is soooooo true!):

"Roll with it, friends. Almost everything in the early years works itself out in its own time, it really does. The sleep schedule, the feeding schedule, the potty training and the pacifying. These are simply small things when you look back. So trust your heart-gut rather than the books or even the experts and do your best to...well, relax."

That paragraph is so, so true.

She's a riot and if you'd like to laugh one of those good belly laughs, look at cute pictures of kids, and relate to a mother who is stretched too thin like the rest of us then hop on over and visit one of the many blogs I love to read.

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  1. Ooh, always love finding new "good ones"... thanks!

  2. That is good advice to a new parent! At that baby shower I went to last week the host had everyone go in a circle and give "advice" to the mom-to-be. There was a lot of "don't do this" "don't do that" "you'll regret this". I told her to do what works for her and her husband and not get caught up in all the don'ts. I was shocked how many people were telling her horror stories of 4 year olds in their beds and 2 year olds waking up 6 times a night. I was like, "sheesh, people!" Now she's terrified!

  3. Another one to add to my reader, thanks!

    Alyssa, that's crazy - and a little sad - about your friend's baby shower. Sounds like you gave her sage advice!