Sunday, February 20, 2011

Out of his mouth

Not a day goes by Nick and I don't laugh out loud at something that comes out of EC's mouth.  Unfortunately, they aren't as funny when you have to read them but for the fun of it, here are some of his laughable comments:

**He can't say his y's.  So "or" means "your" and "ewe" means "you"

EC: Mom, pretend or Ethan and I'm ewe. 
Me: Ok, (in my best whiny voice), maaammaaaaa, I want somp-ting good to eat. Will ewe play wif me? I wuv ewe mom.
EC: AwwwwI love ewe too, honey.

EC: (Looking at my face, really close up) Uh-oh, ewe got cracks on or (your) face.
Me:  (Depressed for the rest of the day!)

EC: (yelling at me from his bed during nap time) Moooooooommmmm, I need somp-ting. Come here mom! I need ewe.
Me: EC, it's nap time, you need to go back to sleep.
EC: Ok Mom, I'm ready to go back to sleep now. (I start walking away) Wait, I need to tell ewe something will-y big. (dramatic pause) Actually, I meant I'm all done with my nap now.
Nick: Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr! (a frustrated growl, if you will)
EC: Dadda, are ewe just sick of it?
EC: Are ewe gonna have a baby?
Me: (Immediately sucking in my gut) No, I'm not having a baby.
EC: But ewe want to have another baby?
Me: Nope, you and Alec are by babies.
EC: I'm not a baby, I'm a big boy and Awic's a big baby.
EC: Ma, ewe cookin' dinner?
Me: Yup.
EC: Don't burn the house down, k?

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  1. Oh my gosh, Sherry, those are hysterical! I'm so glad you wrote those down - Ethan's going to love those one day!

  2. Ha, Ha, Ha, Haaa! : ) LOVE IT!

  3. These are the best!! Great keepsake for posterity! (Don't fret about the cracks comment...look at them as well earned happiness lines that EC gave you!)