Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Holy Hail, Batman!

A couple weeks ago shortly after the boys went to bed it started raining. Then it started hailing, and not those puny marble sized pieces of hail either.  It was loud and I'm pretty sure the house was shaking. I quickly ran upstairs to comfort the kiddos but they were fast asleep.  I have no idea how.

Come to find out the hail storm passed through quite a large area and damaged many, many homes.  Ours included. Luckily for us, our roof is old so to hear that it needs to be replaced wasn't such bad news. I'm positive that each home in our neighborhood will be (or should be) getting a new roof and the work has already begun. 

Today on our walk we stopped by two homes to watch the guys at work.  Ethan yelled HI and waved to each roofer as we sat there, I think they liked the attention.

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  1. Bubs LOVED when the roofing companies were in our neighborhood, too! We had a hail storm a few years ago, too, so nearly every house got a new roof. He loved going on walks to say "hi" to the workers, too! Funny!