Friday, May 13, 2011

Ethan's obsession

A fair warning: Nick and I are still at the point with Ethan in which we think most (not all!) things he does are cute, funny or brilliant. And since I thought this latest development was interesting, I decided I'd better jot it down in this electronic scrapbook of mine.  That way, 30 years from now when he's graduating from med school (a mom can dream, right?) I can pull this up and say I knew he'd be something!

Obviously, he's a typical soon-to-be 3 year old boy. He digs in the dirt, he plays with trucks and he gets dirty.  He throws HUGE temper tantrums, he disobeys and he even spits. However, from the moment he started talking, his questions seemed never ending. A simple answer was never enough and we quickly found that he required a detailed answer about his curiosities, his appetite for learning new things has never once slowed.

It started about a month ago, with a simple question he had about where food goes after you swallow it. We explained the digestive system and he literally sat there with his mouth wide open, silent, eyes not blinking, taking it all in. More, more, more...he wanted more.

The seed was planted and his obsession began.

Nick found him an awesome series of videos to watch and he soaked them up. He memorized most of them and asked a million questions. What do the big intestines do? How does your brain work? Where are my kidneys? Can I see your eardrum? What's inside your spine? There isn't a day that goes by when he doesn't say, "let's talk about the human body" at which point I ask which part and he responds with whatever it is he's thinking. Then we discuss it for a few minutes and he goes back to whatever it was he was doing.

We found him a big kid book about the entire human body. He was in love.  He says "hmmmm" while we read things like "even though it only counts for 2% of a body's total weight, the brain takes up one-fifth of the energy and oxygen we use each day" and would nod as though he understood when we read "some of the cells in our skin make a chemical called melanin". This book was the only one he wanted us to read every single night at bedtime for a couple weeks. Eventually, I told him we had to read some of his others as well because I was missing all the fun books we used to read!

Anyway, I love his passion for wanting to learn new things and I'm proud of what he's become in his 2 years and 10 months of life and look forward to him growing and developing even more. He amazes Nick and I every single day with the things he says and questions he asks. And as many times I've heard him tell me about what your brain helps you do and the types of cells that are inside your body, I will never tire of listening to him.

Love, love, love you Ethan.

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