Monday, May 2, 2011

Queen of Parks

Another beautiful park has been located! My mom's group had a photo shoot play date at Antioch park this morning and Nick happened to be in the area as well so he drove over to hang for a bit. There were lots of trails and a nice pond with fun little paths over it. 

Not only were there 3 playgrounds but an entire western "town" too! Heaven for little boys, Ethan checked each one out and asked what each sign above them said. His favorite? The Town Hall Jail (there's an escape tunnel built into the side of it. clever.). 

We'll add this park to our list of places to return.  I'll also share some of the photos from the photo shoot today, assuming some turned out. One of the mom's in our group is an amateur photographer and donated her time and talent for a few lucky members, it was pretty cool.  The boys actually did a pretty good job too, I'm excited to see if anything turned out, the scenery couldn't have been more perfect.

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  1. That park looks adorable - LOVE the first pic. Your hair is getting so long, Sherry!