Saturday, May 7, 2011

A simple story

This afternoon was gorgeous, so while Alec napped, Ethan and I hung out in the front yard. He happily posed for this picture:
Isn't he sweet?  We hopped like bunnies, he squished a roly poly (and yes mom, I was upset about it), he pedaled his tricycle and we played baseball.

Then he started to get crazy:

 He wasn't interested in having his picture taken anymore, huge shocker, I know. So I told him there was a fish inside my camera and he could see it if he looked closely:

A bit closer:
 It was funny that he actually fell for that trick, generally he's one step ahead of me.

So after all that playing, he found a twisty stick to play with. He was sure it was a bird's foot and asked me if we could glue it back on. His thoughtfulness for the bird made up for the killing of the rolly polly. 

This picture, I love:

A few minutes later Ethan told me Alec was awake. How he could hear him and I couldn't, I don't know.

Good afternoon, sunshine:

Almost hard to tell which is the little brother. They crawled all over the drive way, where one went the other followed. Unfortunately, Alec puts everything in his mouth so we didn't last long before heading back inside. 
And yes, his shoes are on the wrong feet. Again.

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  1. Ha! They really are about the same size now ;) It must feel comfortable to have your shoes on the wrong feet or something, because I swear Ella goes out of her way to do it.